Canon Security Website Gathers Data on Product & Service Vulnerabilities

Canon Security Website Gathers Data on Product & Service Vulnerabilities


Melville, NY—Canon Inc. announced that it has established the Canon PSIRT (Product Security Incident Response Team). In addition, a Canon security website was launched to gather and centralize information on, and respond to, product and service vulnerabilities.

Furthermore, the company has strengthened its vulnerability countermeasures by being authorized as a CNA (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures Numbering Authority). This designation empowers the company to index as well as publish vulnerability information by assigning an internationally recognized CVE ID.

Canon Security Website

Canon established the Canon PSIRT global website as a centralized point of contact for security researchers around the world. At the site, they can report information related to vulnerabilities discovered in Canon products and services. Consequently, Canon can respond more swiftly to security researchers and promote early discovery and resolution of security-related issues.  

Moreover, a CVE ID is a unique identifier assigned to each vulnerability within the database managed by the CVE program. The program is an international initiative aimed at discovering vulnerabilities. By managing a unified system that assigns a unique CVE ID to each vulnerability, it is easier to share information and associate additional information with that vulnerability. Canon security website

Canon, now authorized as a CNA, can assign as well as publish CVE IDs for Canon product and service vulnerabilities. This enables CVE IDs, conventionally indexed by third parties, to be more quickly identified and judged.

As a result, it will help Canon to index the product or service vulnerability. In turn, this framework is expected to increase the likelihood of prompt resolutions to security-related issues. 

“Going forward, Canon will continue striving to ensure customers can use the company’s products and services with peace of mind through the strengthening of vulnerability countermeasures and continuous efforts to improve the level of security,” the company announced.

To access the Canon PSIRT website, click here