CES 2022 Wraps Up In-Person Event Featuring Innovative Technologies

CES 2022 Wraps Up In-Person Event Featuring Innovative Technologies


CES returned to Las Vegas, Nevada, January 5–7, 2022, to showcase next-generation consumer technology innovation. An in-person event, CES 2022 was filled with thousands of product debuts, unveiling technologies that will help better the world and solve global challenges.

After two years, CES welcomed well over 45,000 attendees in person across 11 indoor and outdoor venues. The show was a global event, with 30% of attendees traveling from outside the U.S.—representing 119 countries. CES-2022-Entrance

“CES 2022 furthered global business this week, as our industry gathered—many for the first time in two years—to collaborate, forge partnerships, make deals and advance the economy,” said Karen Chupka, executive vice president, CES. “We were thrilled to welcome our industry back together again face-to-face to experience the latest innovation at CES 2022.”

More than 2,300 exhibiting companies, including 800+ start-ups, launched products across various segments. Of course, in-person safety protocols were in place. Among them were proof of vaccination; required masking indoors; testing; as well as social distancing measures.

“Innovation came to life this week at CES 2022—with technologies that will reshape industries and provide solutions to pressing worldwide issues from healthcare to agriculture, sustainability and beyond,” said Gary Shapiro, president/CEO, Consumer Technology Association (CTA), owner and producer of CES.

“The CES show floor buzzed with the joy of human interaction and a five-sense innovation experience with products that will redefine our future and change our world for the better.”

Gary Shapiro opening CES 2022

Notably, the in-person event was complemented by a digital venue. Digital audiences could also experience the spirit of the live event. The CES anchor desk, which debuted at CES 2021, traveled to Vegas and connected the digital audience with exhibitors, conference sessions, keynotes and product announcements from the live event.

Tech Trends at CES 2022

CES 2022 featured transformative technologies developed to spur business and shift markets. Major brands included Bosch, Canon, Hisense, HTC, LG Electronics, Nvidia, Samsung Electronics, Sony, Panasonic as well as Qualcomm.

Prevalent throughout the show was artificial intelligence. This technology is making a wide range of products smarter, more efficient and customizable. It is advancing nearly every major industry, from digital imaging and entertainment to agriculture, healthcare, automotive and manufacturing.

CES 2022 Keynote Highlights

The keynote stage featured leaders across global industries. Top executives included J.H. Han, vice chairman, CEO and head of the DX (Device eXperience) division at Samsung Electronics.

Han presented Samsung’s vision for the Age of Togetherness, where technology needs to exist together with people and for the planet. Moreover, the keynote was a call to action to mitigate climate change. He expressed that everyone can do their part in building a sustainable planet. Han also showed how customized, connected experiences will enrich people’s lives.

Mary Barra, chair and CEO of General Motors, discussed how GM’s vision of the all-electric era will create opportunities for mobility experiences to serve the planet and the people. GM envisions a world with zero crashes, to save lives; zero emissions, so future generations can inherit a healthier planet; and zero congestion, so customers get back a precious commodity—time. CES-CTA-Logo-Combo

Michael Kassan, CEO of MediaLink, moderated a C Space keynote titled Content to Commerce: How Technology Flipped the Customer Experience. The panel discussion featured Carolyn Everson, president, Instacart; Tariq Hassan, chief marketing/digital officer, McDonald’s; Edward Kummer, chief digital officer, GM; and Cara Sylvester, executive vice president and chief marketing/digital officer, Target.

They discussed how digital transformation has completely reshaped consumers’ expectations of two things they love to indulge in: watching entertaining content and shopping. Amid the pandemic, people were restricted from shopping in their favorite stores and watching box office releases in theaters.

Subsequently, brands, technology platforms and entertainment companies were forced to innovate—and innovate again—to keep up with consumers. From new methods of gathering data as well as insights, building homegrown tools or inking new partnerships, marketers ramped up efforts to offer experiences that put consumers rat the center where they belong.

Imaging Company Presentations

Canon TogetherNext

Canon USA showcased its new collaborative visions technologies. Under the TogetherNext theme, it unveiled interactive digital experiences through four cornerstones. Each demonstrated how Canon’s solutions make connecting with people, cultures and the world more exciting.

Moreover, Canon’s philosophy of Kyosei is threaded through all its technologies, services and people. The principle is defined as “all people, regardless of race, religion or culture, harmoniously living and working together into the future for the good of society.” With Kyosei as the driving force, Canon’s immersive experience at CES demonstrated how it looks to contribute to society and have a positive impact.

New Software Tools

AMLOS. With software tools like the AMLOS (Activate My Line of Sight) system (in development), Canon is helping redefine how we interact. AMLOS uses a single camera to enable multiple sights; simple operation through gestures; as well as seamless connectivity with software like Microsoft Teams. The hybrid working system enables in-office presenters to guide the focus of the camera via simple gestures. They can share digitally enhanced, high-resolution images with remote collaborators, who can customize their view of the meeting.

In addition, actor/producer Joseph Gordon-Levitt and his company, HitRecord, demonstrated the AMLOS system in a virtual, real-time writers’ room from HitRecord’s offices and other locations, as they created an original short film.

Kokomo. CES attendees could also try Canon’s Kokomo software (in development). The innovation in virtual reality combines the 3D experience of lifelike VR destinations with video calling. Visitors could enter a real-time “ImmersiveCall” with a Canon ambassador.

Kokomo combines a 3D experience with video calling.

The software uses Canon cameras and imaging technology to create realistic representations of users. VR calls feel like participants are interacting face-to-face rather than through a screen.

Tsuzuri Project. Attendees could also marvel at an ancient piece of Japanese art. The Tsuzuri Project is a Cultural Heritage Inheritance project launched by Canon to preserve original works of art from deterioration and pass their beauty on to future generations.

A collaboration with the Kyoto Culture Association, it aims to share high-resolution facsimiles of cultural assets from Japanese antiquity. It combines Canon’s technical expertise in imaging, processing and output with the craftsmanship of Kyoto artisans.

The Tsuzuri Project uses Canon imaging gear to recreate the art of Kyoto artisans.

The equipment used to create the facsimiles showcased at CES 2022 include an EOS R5 ILC; a Speedlite EL-1 flash; as well as an imagePrograf Pro-4100 large-format printer.

Panasonic Innovations

Panasonic showcased products, its latest innovations as well as smart partnerships at CES 2022. At the company’s booth, attendees could autonomously engage with the brand’s latest innovations. Furthermore, it offered self-guided tours featuring an Immersive Entertainment Experience; Tech Talks with Panasonic’s subject matter experts; as well as video content and QR codes that connect to Panasonic’s product introductions and sustainability initiatives.

Lumix 20th Anniversary. In 2021, Panasonic Lumix celebrated its 20th anniversary. At the company’s Live in Las Vegas In-Person Experiences, it expressed its sincere gratitude to the millions of customers worldwide using its imaging products “to empower their creativity, capture powerful moments and fuel their passions.” Panasonic-Lumix-21st-Anniversay

Green Impact. Panasonic’s Green Impact was also announced at CES. It is a commitment to reduce CO2 emissions generated from Panasonic’s operations and value chain as well as expand its contributions to reduce society’s CO2 emissions.

In a message at Panasonic’s CES press conference, Panasonic Group CEO Yuki Kusumi said, “First, we commit to reduce the CO2 emissions of all operating companies to net zero by 2030. But as we have seen, we have a far greater emission in the form of electricity consumption by our products. So, we will reduce this by developing new technologies and solutions to increase their efficiency.

“Furthermore, we will also reduce the CO2 emissions of society, through providing our energy-saving solutions and clean energy technologies to B2B and B2G customers.”

Sony: Getting Closer to People

Sony highlighted various technologies as well as initiatives that are based on its corporate direction of “getting closer to people.” Moreover, the company is working to create new value that inspires people’s emotion, by getting closer to creators and users.

Kenichiro Yoshida, chairman, president and CEO of Sony Group Corporation, spoke at Sony’s press conference on January 4. “Throughout the past two challenging years, we have reaffirmed the importance of our Purpose. We want to enable people to connect more deeply with those who share the same interests and form stronger bonds within their communities.”

CES 2022 Kenichiro-Yoshida-Sony
Kenichiro Yoshida, chairman, president/CEO, Sony Group Corporation

He also introduced Sony’s latest technologies and initiatives to support creators. They included Virtual Production, which removes restrictions on video production; the Airpeak professional drone, which supports creativity; and also its Xperia Pro-I smartphone.

Co-Create the Future of Entertainment

Furthermore, under the Co-Create the Future of Entertainment theme, Sony’s presence at CES included the following technologies that support creators.

Virtual Production & Filmmaking. A large Crystal LED was installed at the entrance to Sony’s booth. It displayed content that introduces Sony’s latest innovations in areas such as virtual production and filmmaking technology that stimulates the creativity of creators, as well as the future of sport entertainment.

Virtual production frees creators from various restrictions in shooting, such as location, weather and time. It implements a production environment that integrates the background image with the subject in real time.

The combination of Crystal LED, which projects high-definition background images with high contrast and rich color, and the Venice cinema camera, which achieves high resolution and delicate depictions, stimulates creators’ creativity as well as increases the freedom of expression.

Hawk-Eye Tracking Systems. In addition, Hawk-Eye Innovations, a Sony Group company, is working on advancing innovation in the world of sports through its sports officiating and broadcast enhancement technology.

Their latest achievements are new skeletal tracking as well as data-visualization systems. The systems make it possible to instantly and accurately track the movements of athletes and also  objects from the live game video captures; collect the skeletal data; and virtually recreate the live action. sony.com

CES 2023

According to the Consumer Technology Association, exhibit sales for CES 2023 are already off to a strong start. CES will again return to Las Vegas, Nevada, January 5–8, 2023.

CES 2022 Imaging Innovations

CES-2022-Innovations-Awards-ShowcaseThe Canon RF5.2mm f/2.8 L dual fisheye lens drives Canon’s EOS VR system, which addresses the challenges troubling VR image makers for years.

Canon TogetherNext Canon-RF5.2mm-f2.8-L-dual-fisheye-lens-left
Canon RF 5.2mm f/2.8L

VR content can now be created with a single lens that captures stereoscopic 3D 180° VR imagery to a single sensor when mounted on an EOS R5 camera. The lens seamlessly produces 8K virtual reality imaging.

Canon’s PowerShot Pick is an active tracking pan, tilt and zoom camera that takes photos and videos automatically. Consumers can place the battery-powered, Wi-Fi PowerShot Pick almost anywhere.

CES 2022 Canon-PowerShot-Pick–white
Canon PowerShot Pick

Moreover, it will analyze the scene, identify people, track their faces and determine the right moments to capture photos and videos.

A CES 2022 Innovations Awards honoree, the Nikon Z fc combines a classic aesthetic with the latest mirrorless imaging technology. It also features an articulating LCD touch screen; livestreaming; a 20MP DX-format image sensor; analog controls; as well as an advanced autofocus system.

CES 2022 Nikon-Z-fc–white-front
Nikon Z fc

From street, food and travel photography to self-portraits and vlogs, photo enthusiasts can rely on the Z fc to capture professional-grade still images and 4K video content.

CES 2022 Panasonic-MeganeX
Panasonic MeganeX

The Panasonic MeganeX are ultra-lightweight, ultracompact VR glasses compatible with SteamVR. What’s more, the foldable frame features built-in speakers, making the MeganeX easy to carry.


Sony’s first professional drone, the Airpeak S1 is “the world’s smallest drone that can be equipped with a full-size mirrorless interchangeable-lens Alpha camera, opening up a new world of creative possibilities for cinematographers and other visual storytelling professionals.”

Sony Airpeak S1