CES 2024 Preview: Generative AI to Take Center Stage

CES 2024 Preview: Generative AI to Take Center Stage


The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) projects CES 2024 will see an anticipated 130K attendees, plus 1,000+ start-up exhibitors in Eureka Park along with 3,500+ exhibitors in a sold-out West Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. Here’s a quick CES 2024 preview, but come back to DIReporter.com for more information as details unfold.

Owned and produced by CTA, CES 2024 will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, January 9–12.  Furthermore, attendees will experience new technologies from global brands; hear about the future of technology from thought leaders; as well as collaborate face-to-face with other attendees. CES-CTA-Logo-Combo-CES 2024 Preview

Moreover, the 2024 show will highlight how innovations in sustainability, transportation and mobility; generative AI (artificial intelligence); digital health and more are addressing the world’s greatest challenges. Audiences will also hear from industry experts during live keynotes, including leaders from L’Oreal, Walmart, Nasdaq, Siemens and Qualcomm.

Indeed, CES 2024 is shaping up to be the largest in-person, independently audited tech event in the world.

CES 2024 Preview: Select Conference Highlights

Just a sample of the sessions of interest to content creators and the imaging ecosystem follow in this CES 2024 preview.

Augmented & Virtual Reality in the Creator Ecosystem

Creators have embraced new technologies from the beginning, new platforms as well as new social tools. This includes AI, VR (virtual reality) and beyond. They’ve used these new tools to fuel creative projects and new ventures. Hear from the voices who have innovated since day one. Featured in this session, in the Content Creator category, are Lianne Baron, strategic partner manager, AR partnerships, Meta; and Nanea Reeves, CEO of Tripp.

The Creators Who Are Leaning into AI

As AI ushers in new avenues for artistic expression, the once-clear distinctions between creators and consumers are now blurred. Does the involvement of AI compromise the authenticity of a piece of art? There is now a debate on the true essence of creativity and whether AI assistance diminishes or enhances it. Leading the discussion are Lesley Silverman, head of Web3, UTA, and Aaron Andalman, cofounder and chief science officer of Cognitiv.

Creators in Premium Audio

Featuring Michael and Lauryn Bosstick of Dear Media, this session will look at how they used the power of platform and storytelling to build the roadmap for creators in the premium audio space.

Creation and AI – What Will Humans Do?

How will the advent of AI impact the creative process and the content business as we know it? What is the future of IP ownership? These and other questions will be discussed in this session moderated by Eric Savitz, associate editor at Barron’s. Joining the panel are Lisa Oratz, senior counsel, Perkins Cole; and Michelle Vincent, CEO, Mofilm. CES-tech-Talk-2024-Logo-CES 2024 Preview

CES Tech Talk Podcast: Demystifying AI: Insights from Investing and Tech Experts

As generative AI through ChatGPT, DALL-E and many others is grabbing headlines, investors are taking notice. Here to explain how AI works and what it means to consumers, as well as to tech indices, are Sara Mehle, Nasdaq index research strategist, and Brian Comiskey, CTA director of thematic programs.

The Wide World of Drones

From recreational hobbies to commercial delivery, to start-up and job creation, drones can do it all! Learn from experts in the industry on the vast capabilities of drone technology. Leading this session is Doug Johnson, vice president, Emerging Technology Policy, CTA; and Shannon Nash, CFO of Wing.

Show Trends

The CES 2024 Innovations Awards program saw the top two categories by number of submissions were digital health and sustainability, eco-design & smart energy. This trend underscores the rapid pace of innovation in sectors that promise to solve big global challenges and improve human lives.CES-2024-Innovation-Awards-honoree-logo-copy

This remains a major theme at the show as CTA partners with the UN Trust Fund for Human Security and World Academy of Art and Science (WAAS) to advance human security. For the first time, the Best of Innovation list for CES 2024 includes a product from the Human Security category, introduced at CES 2023.

The CES 2024 Innovation Awards also features a new category: artificial intelligence (AI). The AI category received 7% of all applications. This underscores that innovators are increasingly recognizing the transformative potential of AI in shaping the future of technology. AI will also be pervasive throughout the CES 2024 show floor and conference programming.