Top Trends for 2010 CES

Top Trends for 2010 CES


Each January, CES emerges as the platform for product launches and entirely new product categories. 2010 is shaping up to be no different.


Here’s a quick shot from CEA Research Director and Economist Shawn DuBravac about what developments playing out at the 2010 CES might emerge as game changers in the years to come.

2010 CES Marks the Year of the App. Apps came on in a very big way in 2009, but the momentum is just beginning. From Facebook to the iPhone, the app is emerging as a key venue for accessing content in an easy and intuitive way. The 2009 CES brought us one of the first looks at apps for the TV and we expect to see the app flood the show floor in 2010. Throughout 2009, many companies have worked to attract developers to their platforms and we expect to see the fruit of these labors revealed at CES 2010. Apps will be everywhere at CES this year and only the discerning eye will be able to see the choice winners and game changers. Ultimately, this story is about control of content and information flow. Beyond Apps, look for developments in other areas (ie software) that will work to streamline managing the flow of content across devices.


iPhone Wonderland and Battle for the Palm. With a dedicated section of CES for the first-time ever, we expect to see major announcements coming from the iLounge corner of CES 2010. Companies across the globe, continue to look for ways to leverage the popularity and success of the iPhone. But at the same time, the Palm Pre — released at the 2009 CES to rave reviews — is finding its own success in the marketplace as are other mobile devices. Don’t expect the iLounge Pavilion to steal all of the thunder around CES 2010. There will be major announcements elsewhere within the mobile phone environment.


We expect to see App store launches — building off the first trend listed above and trying to bring relevancy and increased usefulness to mobile platforms. We expect to see new portable products launches as well. We expect to see this play out on both the hardware and software side. Beyond the phone, look for other portable products. The 2009 show only gave a hint of what’s to come for mobile phones, netbooks, e-readers, and digital imaging.


Green is the New Black. The Green story will change in a major way at CES. To some degree this story has historically been altruistic — do what is right because it is right. But being kind to the environment has taken an important step forward and there are several catalysts that will propel the category forward at CES. Consumers want more from their devices when they are on the go — which means they need power that can keep up with both their increased needs as well as the huge jump in increased computer power today’s portable devices bring to the table. The government is getting behind this movement with their wallet , which is shining new light on overall green trends. VCs — leery of a deteriorating economy — continue to invest their own dollar here as well. Green trends at the 2010 CES will step beyond just eco-friendly design and packaging. Green will be big at CES 2010 because it makes sense financially and is gaining traction within the marketplace. Look for unique and compelling use of LED, e-ink, etc.


Software will be Biggest Incognito Category at the 2010 CES. The launch of Windows 7 is opening to a crescendo of excitement. Early pre-orders are selling out across the globe. Will we see new hardware offerings trying to take advantage of Windows 7 capabilities? Certainly, we will see other OS emerge as major stories at CES — from the mobile environment to in-the-home applications.


This article was adapted from CEA’s Web site.