JK Imaging Highlights 360° Stories from Innovators Using Kodak PixPro Cameras

JK Imaging Highlights 360° Stories from Innovators Using Kodak PixPro Cameras


Las Vegas, NV—JK Imaging Ltd., the worldwide licensee for Kodak PixPro digital cameras and devices, is showcasing applications of the Kodak PixPro Orbit360 4K VR camera and Kodak PixPro SP360 4K camera. Both are tools for photographers and videographers looking for unique ways to create visual stories.

With feature enhancements, the company reinforces its commitment to bring innovative solutions to 360° VR 4K and 3D cameras at more value.

Kodak PixPro Orbit360 4K

In addition, it remains committed to offering feature-rich, long-zoom cameras within the Astro Zoom family, as well as affordable compact point-and-shoot Friendly Zoom cameras.

Kodak PixPro cameras have benefited users across various disciplines, from B2B, education and entertainment to health, live events and tourism. To see the advancements end users have made with the PixPro 360° VR 4K and 3D cameras, CES attendees are invited to visit booth #1-21013. Attendees can see firsthand how 360° video and photo technology has been integrated into various industries.

“Our goal is to broaden the reach of Kodak PixPro 360° VR technology and help creatives go beyond traditional video to elevate their craft and provide new audience experiences,” said Paul Meyhoefer, vice president, Sales and Marketing, JK Imaging Ltd. “We consistently hear from individuals and business who have adopted our cameras. So we work tirelessly to provide the most innovative tools to allow even more professionals use this cutting-edge solutions to meet their needs.”

Kodak PixPro SP360 4K Dual Pro Pack

The exhibition highlights more than 15 groundbreaking stories. They come from companies such as Hard Rock Hotel & Casino’s Rehab Beach Club (entertainment); Studio Arts (education/filmmaking); DreamShip Studios (health/wellness), Astrid Creative for Florida International University (education); Red Hen (land surveying); and Experience 360° (tourism). Visitors also can view user-generated content of the 360° 4K VR cameras in action.

Kodak PixPro 360° 4K VR Cameras

Capturing a wide field of view, the Orbit360 4K and SP360 4K enable users to deliver video with immersive content. Their compact, single-body designs capture 360° video with internal stitching. This permits seamless sharing of 360° photos and videos to social platforms such as Facebook and YouTube.

New Orbit360 4K software features include optical flow stitching, object tracking, cinematic editing and also improved image stabilization. In addition, via its 3-in-1 functions, the Orbit360 4K works as a superwide-angle (197° FOV) 4K camera, with options for shooting in dome or extreme fisheye mode.

Moreover, the cameras create 360° VR interactive content that works with third-party solutions. Also, with complimentary PixPro 360 VR Suite software, users can edit and stitch 4K files on Macs and PCs. And both cameras are compatible with a free iOS/Android app for wireless control.

In addition, the SP360 4K VR camera bundles provide professional videographers and photographers with a tool to produce 360° content for clients and B2B opportunities. The camera also provides 5.7K resolution when using the updated PixPro 360 VR Suite software.

Kodak PixPro Zoom Models

Also on display are the Friendly Zoom point and shoots priced under $100. Joing them are mega long-zoom Astro Zoom cameras. They are priced starting at $129.99 for a 25x zoom model up to $400 for a 65x zoom.

Kodak PixPro Astro Zoom AZ901

Finally, a new Astro Zoom bridge model, the first to offer 102x zoom, rounds out the line.