CEWE Photo Award 2023 Amasses Submissions

CEWE Photo Award 2023 Amasses Submissions

Sally Light Foot Crabs cling to lava rock in Puerto Egas on Santiago Island, Galapagos. © Bill Klipp, Hanging on. CEWE Photo Award 2023; Category, Animals; April Monthly Winner.

Oldenburg, Germany—With 509,612 photos submitted by amateurs and professionals from all over the world, the CEWE Photo Award 2023 is again among the world’s largest photo competitions.

Further, its top-class, international jury now has until July 12, 2023, to select the 10 category bests from the many submissions, as well as the overall winner. However, the real winners here are the SOS Children’s Villages worldwide. As a result of the competition, they will receive a donation of approximately $54,454. CEWE donates 10 cents per uploaded photo to them.

Hiking with llamas and guides through the mountains of Peru. © Bjorn Snelders, Llamatrek on an old Inca-Trail in the Andes Peru. CEWE Photo Award 2023; Category, Travel and Culture; April Monthly Winner.

“Today is a day of joy for CEWE. We have once again succeeded in declaring the CEWE Photo Award, which we created, the world’s largest photo competition,” commented Thomas Mehls, CEWE board member.

“People around the world are turning to photography with unabated enthusiasm. And CEWE sees it as its heartfelt duty to continue to strongly promote the topic of photo culture at all levels. In addition, we are particularly pleased to actively support the SOS Children’s Villages worldwide with our high donation sum of over 50,000 euros.”

CEWE Photo Award 2023

With more than half a million photos submitted, the CEWE Photo Award was once again given the title of “World’s Largest Photo Competition.” The photos were submitted by photography enthusiasts from 147 countries.

A thoughtful look in the mirror, taken in Biatorbágy, Hungary. © Fefe Spielmann, A Mirror of My World No 2. CEWE Photo Award 2023; Category, People; April Monthly Winner.

Moreover, most of the photos came from Europe. However, photos in the competition’s 10 categories were also submitted from Papa New Guinea, Chile and Nepal. This year’s theme was “Our World Is Beautiful.” What’s more, the most popular category, Nature, saw 104,753 uploaded motifs.

CEWE will reveal the winners of the CEWE Photo Award on July 12, 2023. At that time, it will announce the best photos in each category to German and international media representatives at a digital press conference.

Swiss fashion and nature photographer Michel Comte chairs the seven-member international jury. The jury will meet to select the respective top photos in each of the categories from all the entries. It will then choose the person with the very best photograph.

CEWE photo award 2023-Michel_Comte_Fotocredit_Michael_Peterson
Michel Comte             Photo: Michael Peterson

In addition, CEWE will present the trophies at the Photopia photo fair in Hamburg, Germany, in September. The main prize is a unique trip worth more than $16,000 US; photo equipment worth $8,000; and photo products from CEWE valued in excess $2,500. CEWE will also reward prizes to the winners of 2nd to 1,000th places.

CEWE Philanthropy

As a successful company, CEWE sees itself as having an obligation to society. Consequently, it has been a close partner of SOS Children’s Villages worldwide for 10 years. This year’s donations from the CEWE Photo Award will benefit an educational project of the children’s relief organization in Somalia.

“The long-standing and intensive cooperation that we have enjoyed with CEWE since 2013 impressively demonstrates what we can achieve together with strong and committed partners,” said Lanna Idriss, director of SOS Children’s Villages worldwide and a jury member of the CEWE Photo Award 2023.

“CEWE has supported the SOS Children’s Villages with donations of more than two million euros to date. Thanks to this long-term commitment, we have already successfully launched many projects. We also share a strong partnership in crisis situations. For example, CEWE already supported the care of children during the hunger crisis in Somalia in 2017. And this year, CEWE is now once again committed to helping children and families in the civil war country.”

Lanna Idriss          Photo: Samuel Steinheuer

With the EduCare project of SOS Children’s Villages in Somalia, the organization offers 2,000 children access to a good basic education. Furthermore, it specifically supports girls, trains teachers and renovates schools. At the same time, the organization supports families in building up an economic livelihood through microcredits.