Nikon Photo Contest 2022-2023 Call for Entries

Nikon Photo Contest 2022-2023 Call for Entries


Melville, NY—Nikon Inc. announced that entries for the Nikon Photo Contest 2022-2023 are now being accepted. The contest is open to all professional and amateur photographers, regardless of age, gender or nationality. The entry period is October 27, 2022, 12:00 a.m. ET to February 12, 2023, 11:00 p.m. ET.

The Nikon Photo Contest was first held in 1969 and is one of the biggest international photo contests in the world. It aims to enrich imaging culture by providing an opportunity for professional and amateur photographers around the world to engage with one another.

Moreover, in the previous contest, a total of 26,000 participants from 150 countries and regions across the world submitted more than 65,000 works.

Nikon Photo Contest 2022–2023 Lead Judge

In addition, Nikon Inc. announced that Sarah Leen is the lead judge for the Nikon Photo Contest 2022–2023. In 2013, Leen became the first female director of photography for National Geographic magazine and National Geographic Partners.

Susan Leen Nikon PHoto Contest 2022-2023
Susan Leen

Further, in 2020, she established the Visual Thinking Collective. The community of female editors, teachers as well as curators specializes in creating and managing visually driven projects. Leen also has great influence over a wide variety of artists, beginning with the next generation of photographers.

“My hope for the Nikon Photo Contest is to gather stories that represent our world today. We are just getting used to a new way of life after three years of isolation and fear from the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Sarah Leen.

“Now, we have new opportunities and new chances. So, think about your world, think about what you’ve seen change and grow and that are now new opportunities. I’m really looking forward to seeing works that come from all over the world. We have an opportunity with this contest to show where we are today and tell our stories. Share your personal stories.”

Judging Panel

The panel of judges who will review entries to unearth new talent and contribute to the development of imaging culture also includes:

  • Rema Chaudhary, a photographer based in Mumbai, India, who captures portraiture, fashion as well as fine art
  • Andrew Esiebo, a Nigerian-based photographer who captures themes of sexuality, gender politics and pop culture
  • Ismail Ferdous, a Bangladeshi photographer/filmmaker based in New York and interested in social, cultural and humanitarian stories
  • Esther Horvath, a photographer and Nikon ambassador born in Hungary
  • I COULD NEVER BE A DANCER, a Paris-based duo, consisting of artists Carine Charaire and Olivier Casamayou, who work worldwide as choreographers, creative directors and video makers
  • Yolanda Escobar Jiménez, a Mexican documentary photographer based in Ecuador
  • Jatenipat Ketpradit, a Bangkok-based professional photographer who has documented Mongolian culture
  • Mikiko Kikuta, an independent curator based in Japan
  • David Lombeida, an independent photographer and filmmaker currently based in Istanbul
  • Jing Ning, a director of TV commercials and films
  • Nestor Pool, a New York-based fashion photographer, cinematographer and content creator born in the Dominican Republic
Nikon Photo Contest 2022–2023

This is the thirty-ninth Nikon Photo Contest held since its introduction. It is comprised of a photo competition as well as a film competition. The photo competition consists of a single photo category and a photo story category. In addition, the film competition will offer a short film category and a supershort film category.

The theme of the photo competition is “Beloved.” Consequently, Nikon is looking for photos that express individual priorities from a variety of perspectives. Furthermore, the theme of the film competition is “Next Steps.” Entries in this competition should express the further growth and future evolution.

The judges will select two entries from each category in both competitions for an Excellence Award and four entries for a Special Encouragement Award. In addition, they will pick one grand prize winner from among the Excellence Award winners in each competition.

Moreover, the winners of the General Public Award will also be determined with public voting on entries that pass the second round of judging.

Nikon has scheduled the announcement of the winners of the Nikon Photo Contest 2022–2023 for July 2023.

Photo Competition: Theme, Beloved
Single Photo Category

For the single-photo category entry is a single photo that is shot on any equipment.

Photo Story Category

The entry format for this category is a photo story consisting of two to five images. Again, photographers may use any equipment.

Film Competition: Theme, Next Steps

Please note that for the film competition, English subtitles are required if a language other than English is used in videos (not required if English is used).

Short Film Category

Here the entry format is 180- to 300-second-long videos that are shot using any equipment.

Super Short Film Category

In this film category, the entry format is 20- to 40-second-long videos. Again, entrants may shoot the super-short films on any equipment.

Entry Details

Photographers and videographers may enter the contest by providing the required information on the entry form at the Nikon Photo Contest 2022–2023 website.

The form is posted on the website. Visit the Nikon Photo Contest 2022–2023 website for further details regarding contest eligibility, submission rules, as well as judging.