Canon USA Inks Strategic Alliance with Brizi Remote Camera Platform

Canon USA Inks Strategic Alliance with Brizi Remote Camera Platform

Partnership to Explore Innovative Applications for Canon Technology


Las Vegas, NV—Canon USA announced a strategic alliance with remote camera platform company Brizi, Inc., the creators of the BriziCam. The alliance will allow both companies to immerse themselves into new markets and continue to innovate in the imaging space.

Elements of the partnership include sales, joint marketing and a research and development (R&D) collaboration. “Today’s announcement marks a new chapter in innovation for Canon. The goal is to continue to identify start-ups and technology companies for collaboration in the imaging industry,” Canon announced.

“In Brizi, we see an innovative, energetic and strong team with a clear vision to drive group photo memories in the fan engagement and landmark markets,” said Kazuto Ogawa, president and COO of Canon USA, Inc. “This strategic alliance marks the dawn of a new era of collaboration, powered by Canon. We are excited to work with Brizi to further advance the imaging technology industry.”

Brizi lets anyone tap into nearby cameras to capture group photos at iconic places.

Canon is already Brizi’s top imaging equipment provider. Brizi’s platform takes advantage of the software developer kit (SDK) functionality of Canon EOS digital cameras. Moreover, the platform helps users tap into nearby cameras to capture group memories across the NBA, NCAA, European football and Grand Slam tennis as well as at iconic cultural landmarks such as at the Washington Monument.

Brizi’s mission is to help people capture group photos at iconic places. With the help of professional-grade Canon cameras and lenses, Brizi seeks to reinvent the group photo experience. To date, shared “Brizi Moments” have reached more than 26 million people in seven countries.

Building on Original Partnership

Last year, Brizi showcased its use-case in sports & entertainment in the Canon booth at CES 2018. Since then, Brizi and Canon planned how they could help elevate the future of imaging technology and business beyond sports and entertainment. In addition, Brizi and Canon are aiming at setting a new standard for group memory experiences on both a national and global scale.

“With its renowned excellence in imaging and a strong brand legacy, the collaboration with Canon is a great way to set the trajectory of the imaging industry,” said Anna Hu, CEO/cofounder of Brizi. “Now that we have formed a strategic alliance with Canon, we are well positioned to help transform the way group memories are captured worldwide, expanding into more iconic sports & entertainment venues and cultural landmarks.”

Canon and Brizi Showcase at CES

Canon and Brizi are showcasing the BriziCam, powered by Canon’s platform, at booth #16206. Show attendees can immerse themselves in a view of the Grand Canyon, made possible through integration of Canon technology.

To further drive the conversation about collaboration with start-ups and other corporations, Canon is hosting a panel discussion. The panel is titled “A New Era of Collaboration, Powered by Canon.”

The panel discussion is Thursday, January 10 at 1:00 p.m. in Eureka Park. Panelists from Brizi, EA as well as Tome Software will be moderated by cofounder of ID8 Innovation, Mara Lewis.