DNP & E Ink Extend ePaper POP Partnership

DNP & E Ink Extend ePaper POP Partnership

ePaper Advertising Tool Changes Colors According to Consumer Behaviors for Dynamic Retail Experience

E Ink’s ePaper is on display in DNP’s booth at RetailTech Japan 2017.

Concord, NC—Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP), in conjunction with E Ink Holdings announced the new ePaper point-of-purchase (POP) advertising tool. E Ink is a leading innovator of electronic ink technology.

The interactive ePaper tool is capable of changing colors as well as patterns in line with consumer shopping behaviors. The ePaper product is based on E Ink’s patented Prism technology.

ePaper is on display in DNP’s booth at RetailTech Japan 2017, held March 7–10.
DNP-logo“We value our ongoing partnership with E Ink that enables us to design a variety of sales and also promotional Prism-based products that create new experiences for the retail environment. Prism is lightweight, energy efficient and durable. It thereby gives us many new design features,” said Hiroaki Kabamoto, general manager, head of EP-Project, Global Strategic Business Promotion Department, DNP. “We’re looking forward to marketing the new POP advertising tool in the retail, financial and transportation industries, as well as to continue to innovate with E Ink in the future.”

In this latest development, a sensor was integrated into E Ink’s ePaper technology. The sensor enables it to display colors as well as patterns that react to consumer shopping behaviors. Interactions result in a display of colors and patterns reflective of the action taken. This can be prompted by standing nearby a product display or waving a membership card over an item.

By altering its appearance in real time, the product display is said to become more stimulating and eye-catching. The display is designed to increase appeal and stronger brand affinity with increasingly selective consumers.
E_Ink-logo“E Ink’s partnership with DNP continues to strengthen and grow as we enhance our offerings and enter into new industries and emerging markets,” said Paul Apen, chief strategy officer at E Ink. “We are proud that DNP has chosen to utilize E Ink’s Prism technology in its efforts to redefine consumer interaction at the point-of-purchase and the retail technology market.”

Furthermore, three new colors—light blue, yellow and brown—have been added to E Ink Prism’s color palette. It now totals seven color expressions, including red, green, dark blue and black. The interactive ePaper material has a low profile of 0.5mm and is lightweight as well as bendable. Because they can operate on the back of power cells, Prism materials can be installed in various locations. The Prism material does not require electrical power to retain its appearance. The new POP advertising tool will be launched in April 2017.

E Ink Holdings

Founded in 1992 by Taiwan’s leading papermaking and printing group YFY, E Ink Holdings Inc. has sought to redefine the eReader market with its ePaper technology. Based on technology from MIT’s Media Lab, ePaper has enabled a new multibillion-dollar market in less than 10 years.

The company’s corporate philosophy aims “to deliver revolutionary products, user experiences and environmental benefits through advanced technology development.”

This has led to continuous investments in ePaper displays as well as expanding the application of its technologies into other markets.


DNP is one of the world’s largest printing companies. It provides products and services in a range of fields to consumers and some 30,000 corporate clients globally. Founded in 1876, DNP has promoted “expansion printing” since the 1950s. Consequently, it has expanded its fields of business by broadening possibilities for the application of printing technologies. From printing books, magazines, photo products and commercial materials, DNP has moved into packaging, decorative materials, display components and electronic devices.