Fujifilm & Novation Vendor Services Offer 0% Fujinon Financing

Fujifilm & Novation Vendor Services Offer 0% Fujinon Financing

Program Makes Cinema Lens Ownership Reachable


Wayne, NJ—The Optical Devices Division of Fujifilm is offering 0% financing through Novation Vendor Services. The Fujinon financing program is available for all Fujinon 4K and HD broadcast lenses as well as its Premier HK 4K+ and Cabrio 4K cinema-style lenses.

“We want to make it easier for our customers to buy exactly the lens or lenses they want,” said Thomas Fletcher, director of Sales, Fujifilm Optical Devices Division. “We’re able to provide this program thanks to Brandon Brooks at Novation. After working as the finance director for several years in the video and cinema production industry, he’s uniquely qualified.

“He understands the owner/operator, rental house and production company business. Most financial lenders do not. He knows that if our customers don’t have access to the best gear, they’re hindered in their ability to produce and generate income. They often need to obtain financing without any existing clients in hand. He has a reputation for helping start-up ventures.”

Brooks has been a finance manager since 2008, managing transactions between the manufacturer or dealer, the customer and the equipment financing company. He’s also cultivated solid banking relationships and developed a specialty in vendor-driven financing.

According to Brooks, there are three types of customers looking for equipment loans: owner/operators (Directors of Photography and Digital Imaging Technicians); small- to medium-size rental houses; and large-scale vendors and production houses with many locations.

“I’ve worked with all three extensively over the past several years,” said Brooks. “I understand their individual needs. And I have been able to educate the equipment finance companies I work with. Whether an owner/operator or a large company, the equipment they use is just as important in generating future income.

“It’s not difficult to obtain financing, but it takes knowledge of your customer’s business and also relationships with the banks to get your customer approved with a term that’s fair and reasonable. For example, some customers may need a buffer of 30 days before making a payment, so they can start booking jobs and making money with the equipment.”

Fujinon Premier PL 75–400mm T2.8–T3.8

Fujifilm/Fujinon’s initial customer of this 0% financing program was New York-based Technological Cinevideo Services (TCS). The camera equipment rental house financed a Premier PL-mount 75–400mm T2.8–T3.8 zoom lens.

TCS’s president, Erik Schietinger, who co-owns the company with his brother, TCS’s vice president and chief operating officer, Oliver Schietinger, said: “Working with finance people like Brandon who understand the intricacies of your business is a rare pleasure. He knows about the range of equipment we use and our clientele need, so we can engage in well-rounded conversations. We talk about how we work and what would increase our success, in addition to financing. We’re thrilled that we were able to purchase our new PL 75–400mm zoom with 0% financing. It’s just a good business deal for us all around.”

In addition to 0% for 24 months, Fujifilm is offering terms of 3.99% for 36 months and 4.99% for 48 months.


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