Giroptic, Pioneer in 360º Imagery, Acquired by OpenFrame

Giroptic, Pioneer in 360º Imagery, Acquired by OpenFrame


Boston, MA—OpenFrame announced the recent acquisition of Giroptic, a pioneer and in 360º-capable cameras. As part of the acquisition, OpenFrame will acquire multiple patents that Giroptic has registered globally over the past decade.

“Since launching earlier in 2018, we’ve seen increasing demand. We needed to secure our supply of cameras to match the rapid growth we’re experiencing,” said Aymeric Vigneras, OpenFrame’s CEO. “Our acquisition of Giroptic fits well within our broader strategy. It also brings us one step closer to accomplishing our goal of becoming the video standard in real estate for all listings.”

OpenFrame’s corporate aim is to leverage the power of 360º photos and video with simple apps for industry-specific use cases. The first app, OpenFrame for Real Estate, offers a simple camera and app for mass adoption by real estate agents to create virtual video tours for every property.

Moreover, Giroptic’s technology and R&D pipeline of features allows OpenFrame to offer a one-of-a-kind 360º camera to OpenFrame’s subscribers, added Vigneras. The Giroptic 360º camera has a unique form factor that offers simplicity for real-world usage by real estate agents.

n addition, thanks to the acquisition of Giroptic, OpenFrame will accelerate the release of innovative features, such as 3D renderings, to better serve the unique needs of the real estate market.

“I’m excited to see where OpenFrame takes the technology that we’ve developed over the years. It’s given a second life to the vision we had for Giroptic and the power of 360º images to communicate in a unique way,” said Richard Ollier, the former CEO of Giroptic.

Giroptic 360cam


Giroptic, whose flagship product was the 360cam, shutter officially last March. The company’s journey started in 2008 with the idea to bring 360º capture to everyone—at a time when almost nobody had seen a 360º image.

The company employed 45 creative talents who joined to push the envelope further. In 2017, they shipped 20,000 cameras all over the world. Unfortunately, that was not enough to build a sustainable business over time. So the company embarked on a search to find a new home for its technology. With its acquisition by OpenFrame, that journey is now complete.