MRMC & Visual Effects Merge Rental Divisions

MRMC & Visual Effects Merge Rental Divisions

Joint Company to Be Largest Motion Control Robotics Rental Firm


Philadelphia, PA—Mark Roberts Motion Control (MRMC) and the Visual Effects Company (VFX) are merging their motion control rental operations. As a result, the companies announced they will become the world’s largest one-stop MOCO shop. MRMC_2018-LogoMark Roberts Motion Control is a Nikon Group company that includes a MrMoco rental division. Its robotics and software solutions are used all over the world. They are utilized by studios, Hollywood and Bollywood productions, e-commerce outlets, sports broadcasters, national parliaments as well as football leagues. MRMC’s technical and engineering achievements have earned various awards over the past 50 years. These include a recent Academy Award and the Queen’s Award.

MRMC & Visual Effects Merger Details

The joint MRMC/VFX rental company plans to offer a far greater selection of motion control rigs. These will span from standard MOCO fronted by the brand-new, Academy Award-winning Milo rig to integrated model movers, turntables and moving platforms. “No company has a broader range as well as more product available. And it’s complemented by some of the most skilled MOCO operators in the world,” the companies announced in a joint release.

MRMC’s Milo computerized motion control system

In addition, the new company is able to offer creative and technical pre-visualization in 3D. Consequently, for clients for whom it is appropriate, an entire series of shoots can be preplanned, pre-seen, edited and tweaked all prior to making the first camera shot.

At the merger signing: Digna Nigoumi, Operations director, VFX; Assaff Rawner, CEO, MRMC; Malcolm Wooldridge, principal, VFX; and Billy Ziller, Rentals Operations manager, MRMC

“VFX has been a customer of Mark Roberts for 15 years. It makes total sense for us to combine our offerings to make motion control the go-to choice in visual effects. Working together will enhance our techniques as well as skills to deliver an even better all-round service to our customers,” said Malcolm Wooldridge, principal of VFX. Assaff Rawner, CEO of MRMC, added: “We are very excited about this merger. MRMC won an Academy Award with the Milo for ‘changing the way Hollywood works.’

“With the skills of VFX and MRMC’s ever-improving equipment, we are looking forward to changing the way visual effects work in 2018 and beyond. We will also extend these out to other industries as well.”

Moreover, Billy Ziller, MRMC’s manager of Rental Operations, comment: “We are excited to begin this new chapter. We are relentlessly focused on the same goal—to deliver the best robotics solutions for our customers.”

Visual Effects Company

The Visual Effects Company is comprised of a team of dedicated professionals. The company utilizes the most up-to-date motion control equipment and camera robotic systems. They also offer AR/VR real-time camera tracking equipment.
Visual-Effects-LogoThe company also provides a technical pre-visualization (pre-viz) service for all its motion control and high speed robots.