November Is Check Your Camera Strap Month: Cecilia & RucPac

November Is Check Your Camera Strap Month: Cecilia & RucPac


Mamaroneck, NY—It’s fall, but falling cameras may become a thing of the past if camera strap manufacturers Cecilia and RucPac have their say. The two companies have teamed up to declare that November is International Check Your Camera Strap Month. Moreover, they are jointly bringing attention to the fact that impact damage is the top cause of broken cameras.

Their informal surveying of camera manufacturers and repair centers confirms that “impact damage” causing dings, dents and worse is a major culprit of physical camera damage. Furthermore, liquid damage (usually rain or spilled beverages) is a distant second cause.

In addition, by reminding camera users to simply check the security of their straps—camera straps, gadget bags, etc.,—it’s possible that most of these expensive disasters can be avoided.

Check Your Camera Strap Month

“This idea came from a discussion I had with a journalist at a recent consumer photography show,” said Michael Fleisch, managing director of Cecilia. “He mentioned he had just narrowly missed disaster; he noticed that the strap on his DSLR camera had mysteriously unfastened itself. Fortunately, he was lucky enough to catch it. Moreover, if a loose strap could happen to him, we realized it could happen to anyone.”

Cecilia-camera-strap Check Your Camera Strap
Cecelia camera strap

“Reminding folks to check their straps is such a helpful thing to do,” added Laurens Parsons, founder of UK-based RucPac. “So, when Cecilia contacted us and asked if we’d like to share spreading the word, we immediately agreed to carry the message across our side of the globe.”

International Check Your Camera Strap Month begins this week. Consequently, there is no better time for photographers to take a moment to make certain the straps on their precious photo equipment are properly connected and secure.


Cecilia’s story in the leather industry dates to Europe in the mid-19th century. Two families, Kromwell and Fleisch, emigrated from Germany in the 1930s to the United States. What’s more, they combined to form Cromwell Leather Group.

Now in the fifth generation of this family-run business, Cecilia represents the finished goods product line. It also builds on the industry experience of more than 160 years supplying leathers to companies like Leica, Agfa, Graflex, Coach and Bausch & Lomb.

Today, Cecilia focuses on the needs of the modern photographer and traveler. It produces bags as well as accessories.

RucPac founder Laurens Parsons

While earning his photography degree in 2010, Laurens Parsons needed to transport the heavy Pelican cases containing his photography equipment to and from university campus.

As a result, he invented a strap system that ultimately became the RucPac Hardcase Backpack Conversion strap system. Moreover, that innovation sowed the seeds of what is now a growing brand specializing in professional straps, headlamps and apparel.

Parsons has more than a decade of experience working as a professional commercial photographer; furthermore, he continues to work closely with the RucPac brand.