RBA Photobooths Bundles DNP Printers in Complete Photo Booth Packages

RBA Photobooths Bundles DNP Printers in Complete Photo Booth Packages


Concord, NC—RBA Photobooths (Rey Borja and Associates) now offers its customers complete portable photo booth solutions for every type of event. Moreover, RBA Photobooths includes custom road cases with every photo booth package. This ensures that as photographers travel to events, every product for the photo booth arrives safely.

Furthermore, RBA has 15 years of experience in the photo booth business and has exclusively using DNP printers for five years. The company provides a variety of complete photo booth solutions to photographers worldwide.

While photographers can customize their photo booth package based on their needs, each one comes with basic elements. The components consist of a DNP DS-RX1HS photo printer, a camera, a photo booth shell and strobe flash lights. RBA-latest-Photo-booth RBA Photobooths“DNP printers are extremely durable, which makes it easy for us to work with them and ship them without having to worry,” said Allen Stinson, a sales associate at RBA Photobooths.

“We’re often shipping internationally and never have a problem. I’ve been working with DNP printers for a while and find them extremely easy to work with. I can quickly change out media. Also, I love that the printer can cut the media right there on the spot—saving me a lot of time.”

RBA Photobooths’ Discreet Solution

In addition, RBA designed a custom printer cover and tray so the DNP printer seamlessly blends in with the booth. “A good portion of our clients are DJs or event planners. As a result, it’s important to make our photo booths blend into the environment and aesthetic they’ve worked to create,” added Stinson. “We designed the covers specifically for DNP DS-RX1HS printers and our customers love them.”

RBA Photobooths recently opened its first photo booth showroom. Photographers, DJs and event planners can check out all the different offerings and test out the equipment.