The Spotlight Is On . . . The Tiffen Company

The Spotlight Is On . . . The Tiffen Company

A Passion for Innovation & Customer Interaction


The Tiffen Company, LLC, is a leading manufacturer of imaging accessories for the imaging, motion picture and broadcast television industries.

Nat Tiffen, along with brothers Leo and Sol, founded the company in 1938. Tiffen is headquartered in Hauppauge, New York. In addition, it has international offices in the United Kingdom and a technical center and customer service center in Burbank, California.

Give Customers What They Want

Driven by the company mission—“To create unique and innovative products through direct customer feedback and interaction”—Tiffen listens to its customers. Moreover, it expands its product offerings to meet their emerging needs.

Says Andrew Tiffen, senior vice president, Marketing: “Our mission is embedded within every employee and every product the company offers. We work very closely with brand ambassadors and end users in all the fields that use our products, because ultimately, they are the ones who know best what they need to create better videography, cinematography and photography. As my grandfather used to say, ‘Find out what the customer wants and give it to them.’”

The Tiffen Company: Core Brands Plus

Tiffen has five core brands today.

Steadicam Air Monopod

1. Tiffen Filters is first and foremost. A staple since the company’s beginnings, Tiffen proudly makes its filters in the USA. One of the only filter companies to garner an Academy Award, Tiffen-made filters are a favorite. In addition, they are used on many major motion pictures and television shows. “We cover the entire spectrum of cameras that require filters—photographic, DSLR and mirrorless,” adds Tiffen.

2. Steadicam, the first camera stabilization of its kind. “Inventor Garrett Brown is still closely tied to every single product we introduce,” says Tiffen. “Steadicam’s high-end stabilization rigs are capable of holding up to 50 to 70 pounds’ worth of camera weight for broadcast or movies.” Another Steadicam stabilization solution is the Volt smartphone stabilizer, an electronic handheld stabilizer for smartphone and GoPro cameras. Also, there is the Air Monopod, in 15-pound and 25-pound models. It adjusts the height of a camera in seconds.

3. Lowel, traditional run & gun location lighting equipment. They are ideal for fast shooting as well as lighting setups.

Lowel Tota LED Flood Light

4. Domke camera bags. These premium, rugged yet stylish bags provide pro photographers with maximum functionality. Made in the USA, Domke has been the official sponsor of the White House News Photographers Association (WHNPA) for 20-plus years.

Domke Ripstop Camera Bag

5. Davis & Sanford tripods and support systems. One of America’s oldest, most respected tripod manufacturers—or camera stand, as they were known originally—D&S has been a major force in the advancement of modern tripod design for more than 85 years.

Davis & Sanford ProElite

Tiffen also offers photographers, videographers and cinematographers Stroboframe flash brackets, Zing camera covers, DfX digital effects software and Listec teleprompters.

Future Focus

Looking ahead, Tiffen plans to continue to innovate, delivering products their customers need as their creativity and requirements expand and evolve. “We’ve always looked at the end users as artists,” says Tiffen.

“To support our ‘artists,’ we give them the best tools in their paint set, so they can create their next masterpiece. We’re always looking at the competition, always looking at the industry, and trying to find ways to be able to help our customers create their greatest images, however that may be.”

Tiffen Drone Filter Line for DJI Drones

In late November, Tiffen launched its first-ever line of drone filters. Moreover, these brand-new filters help optimize the images that photographers and videographers shoot from cameras onboard high-flying drones. Says Tiffen, “Now, we have a complete line of filters for DJI drones—the world’s leading producer of camera drones as well as stabilizers. This is a market we’re very, very excited about.”


  1. How old was Nat Tiffen, the youngest of the five Tiffen brothers in 1938????
    Sol Tiffen (then Tiffenberg) founded Enteco with Henrike Nadler in 1938. When Sol came back from WWII he founded Tiffen in 1945 and brought Leo & Nat with him.
    A small point I guess, but my dad traveled his whole life to make Tiffen the company that Andrew and Steven inherited.