Tamron Readies for 70th Anniversary in 2020

Tamron Readies for 70th Anniversary in 2020


Commack, NY—Tamron Co., Ltd., located in Omiya, Japan, will mark the 70th anniversary of its founding on November 1, 2020. Tamron is a premier Japanese optics manufacturer.

“We hereby extend our heartfelt appreciation to our customers for your support as well as patronage that has enabled Tamron to run our business for such a long time,” the company announced. “In 1950, our forerunner, Taisei Optical Equipment Manufacturing, was established on the basis of our founders’ belief in the potential of light.”

Moreover, Tamron’s corporate history began with 13 employees polishing lenses for cameras and binoculars. Since then, it has pursued optical technology research and technological innovation; it progressed to the development and design of lenses as well as other components.

 Tamron wedding photographers Tamron-28-75mm-f2.8-Di-III-RXD
Tamron 28–75mm f/2.8 Di III RXD

“We have invented a number of revolutionary, original products; including items that broke new ground as the first of their kind in the industry, or the world.”

Tamron Today

Today, Tamron has grown into a global manufacturer of optical equipment with approximately 5,000 employees comprehensively conducting development, manufacturing and sales. Furthermore, its optical product lineup includes interchangeable lenses for SLR cameras; digital camera lenses; video camera lenses; lenses for automotive applications; IP and CCTV lenses; lenses for long wavelength infrared cameras; as well as ultra-precision optical components.

“We will continue to deliver the value of light in a way that is unique to Tamron; to provide excitement and reassurance with a view to further contributing and remaining vital to society for the next 10 years and beyond, towards our 100th anniversary. We thank you for your continued, invaluable support.”

Tamron plans to hold activities throughout the year centered around this milestone. Moreover, to follow the company’s story, visit https://tamron.com/70th/.