Zeiss President and CEO Promoted from Within

Zeiss President and CEO Promoted from Within


Thornwood, NY—At its meeting on September 24, 2019, the supervisory board of Carl Zeiss AG unanimously voted in favor of elevating Dr. Karl Lamprecht to the position of Zeiss president and CEO. Dr. Lamprecht, currently a member of the company’s executive board, will assume this position April 1, 2020.

Dr.-Karl-Lamprecht Zeiss President and CEO
Dr. Karl Lamprecht

Dr. Karl Lamprecht will succeed Prof. Dr. Michael Kaschke, the long-serving president and CEO of Carl Zeiss AG. As planned, after holding this office for 10 years, Dr. Kaschke will not seek another reappointment when his contract expires in 2020.

“This is an excellent time to pass the torch. I am delighted by the respect and trust the supervisory board has placed in the executive board team. With this team, we have achieved dynamic growth for years that is also sustainable. Building on this foundation, we can now hit the ground running as we move ahead into the next decade of business success. This is important for our customers and our employees at the company’s locations around the globe,” said Dr. Kaschke.

Zeiss president and CEO Prof.-Dr.-Michael-Kaschke
Prof. Dr. Michael Kaschke

In addition, Dr. Markus Weber was appointed a new member of the executive board and head of the Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology (SMT) segment. This change is effective October 1, 2019. He currently heads the Research Microscopy Solutions strategic business unit.

Zeiss President and CEO

Moreover, the board thanked Dr. Kaschke for his successful contribution over many years on behalf of the Zeiss Group. “Under the leadership of Michael Kaschke, the executive board team of the Zeiss Group has developed as well as implemented forward-looking strategies. These have led to above-average growth and sustainable value creation at Zeiss for an entire decade,” commented Prof. Dr. Dieter Kurz, chairman of the supervisory board of Carl Zeiss AG.

“The company has a future-oriented business portfolio and is in an excellent position. Moreover, this technology leader with a global reputation has transformed into an active market shaper for its customers’ success. For this, we would like to extend our special thanks to Michael Kaschke. He has left his unique mark on Zeiss during his time as president and CEO and his 20 years serving on the executive board,” added Dr. Kurz.

With the appointment of Karl Lamprecht, it was once again possible to fill the position of president and CEO from among the company’s own ranks. Lamprecht is a member of the executive board of Carl Zeiss AG. In addition, he has headed the Zeiss SMT segment since 2017.

Lamprecht joined Zeiss in 2005 as head of Strategic Business Development for semiconductor technology. In addition, he successfully took on different management functions. His wide range of management experience includes the development of growth and innovation strategies as well as the realization of technology acquisitions.

Additional Appointments

Furthermore, Markus Weber, who was appointed head of the SMT segment, is a member of the executive board of Carl Zeiss AG. He has extensive experience within the Zeiss Group, having joined the company in 2002. In addition, he is currently head of the Research Microscopy Solutions strategic business unit.

Dr. Markus Weber

“Markus Weber also has an impressive background in innovation. In addition to his comprehensive expertise, he brings with him a management philosophy firmly rooted in values and culture; this is the result of his many years of experience holding leadership positions at Zeiss,” said Dr. Kurz. “In his current function, the team led by Markus Weber has successfully brought the Zeiss microscopy business back on track for success.”