Cotton Carrier Rebrands: Redesigns Website & Logo

Cotton Carrier Rebrands: Redesigns Website & Logo


North Vancouver, Canada—A new logo, updated website content as well as simpler shopping options are all key components of a rebranding by Cotton Carrier Camera Systems.

Visitors to the redesigned website are greeted by photos taken by brand ambassadors using Cotton Carrier gear. Additionally, they are encouraged to “Go everywhere. Be ready.”

“We’ve updated our website with a clean, easy-to-use format that effectively tells our story,” said Brook Parker, chief operating officer.

“We develop technical camera carrying systems for all photographers—professional and amateur alike. We have one goal: to provide secure camera-carrying systems that free your hands, keep your equipment safe and your body mobile so you’re ready to shoot now!”

Cotton Carrier EV-1 StrapShot

All Cotton Carrier gear fits into one of three categories: camera holsters, camera harnesses and accessories. Holsters include the EV-1 StrapShot, Endeavor and Wanderer. The company’s camera vest has been rebranded as the “Camera Harness.” It now offers options to carry one camera, two cameras or with the Cotton Carrier SteadyShot.

The accessories category comprises a binocular bracket, a POV system for GoPro cameras, a hand strap, camera hubs and a universal adapter plate.

“We may have a new logo and some new product names, but they’re all the same great products photographers count on to keep their gear safe, secure and ready for the shot,” Parker added.

All Cotton Carrier products are protected by the Cotton Carrier lifetime guarantee.

Cotton Carrier

The company was founded by Andy Cotton, who worked as a special effects supervisor in the film industry. His specialty was designing physical effects: cars crashing, people hanging off of buildings.

The rules were simple: functionality and also 100% reliability. “The KISS Principle (Keep it simple, stupid) ruled. People’s lives were on the line; there was no room for error,” he notes.

Later, as a professional landscape photographer, he found no product met his need for a camera carrying solution that was comfortable, secure and accessible. “Nothing allowed me to carry my camera comfortably, securely, and with quick accessibility.”

His years of design experience in the film industry came into play as he set out to design the system he needed. Consequently, it had to be simple, without springs or moving parts. Nothing that could fail, jam, or break. “Made of top-quality materials, it had to function and also absolutely reliable in all situations. It had to provide comfort and accessibility in order to improve my photographic experience.”

Five years later, he launched Cotton Camera Carrier Systems.