MAC Group and Gravity Backdrops Ink U.S. Distribution Deal

MAC Group and Gravity Backdrops Ink U.S. Distribution Deal


White Plains, NY—The MAC Group and Gravity Backdrops signed a strategic marketing deal. The MAC Group is now Gravity’s U.S. Sales, Marketing and Distribution partner. Gravity is a creator of hand-painted photographic backdrops.

Moreover, now in its tenth year, Gravity crafts each of their canvases not as backdrops but as works of art that photographers can use to create their unique works of art.

Every Gravity backdrop is created using multiple layers and colors of acrylic paint. They are applied to high-grade 450gr Italian duck canvas with a variety of brushes, mops, sponges, rags as well as other tools. The goal is to create a rich, luminous, complex, layered artwork that interacts with a creator’s lighting to create a distinctive and dramatic image.

“I was first introduced to Gravity and their founder, Mimi, five years ago. They were a smaller company but had a loyal following of passionate and incredibly talented photographers. What intrigued me at first was the masterful quality of their products that were selling well across Europe but were not well known in the USA,” commented Jan Lederman, president of the MAC Group.

“This is our (MAC Group’s) sweet spot. When our teams were introduced, they hit it off instantly. Now after months of planning, they are beyond excited for the opportunity to launch and help grow the Gravity brand.”

MAC Group and Gravity Deal

As a result of the agreement, the MAC Group will offer two collections of Gravity backdrops: the Classic and the Limited Edition.

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Gravity Classic backdrops are hand-painted interpretations of classic studio backdrops. They are produced in small batches by the company’s artisans. The MAC Group will keep these in stock for studios requiring a matching set of different-sized backdrops or for multiple locations.

Conversely, Gravity Limited Edition backdrops are one-of-a-kind hand-painted masterworks. These backdrops represent the pinnacle of the backdrop artists’ art and craft.

Furthermore, Gravity hand-painted backdrops come in eight sizes. They range from XS (3.9×7.8 feet) to XXXL (8.9×19.7 feet). They are also available in four levels of textures and many color families.

Notably, prior to this agreement, Gravity fans in the United States had to wait for delivery from Europe. Now, however, the MAC Group will maintain an inventory in their New York-based warehouses for immediate shipping. This will include overnight delivery for an additional charge when needed.

In addition, the MAC Group will establish Gravity showrooms at select dealers nationwide. The dealers will have custom, oversized swatch books. They will also stock a large collection of Classic backdrops and select Limited Edition collection backdrops.

Gravity Backdrops

Ten years ago, Miodrag (Mimi) Stojanovic, a passionate photographer, needed a backdrop for a series he was creating featuring coal miners. His search led him to a well-known name in the backdrop world. However, he was shocked that a large backdrop cost more than $4,000 to buy and about $435 to rent. MAC group and Gravity-Backdrops-logo

As a result, Stojanovic decided to make his own high-quality backdrops and sell them for the same price of the other company’s rentals. Today, Gravity has among the largest selections of high-quality, hand-painted, ready-to-ship backdrops in the world.