New MAC Group Warehouse Supports Expanding Operations

New MAC Group Warehouse Supports Expanding Operations


North White Plains, NY—The newly added MAC Group warehouse will handle the company’s expanding business needs. The warehouse is located in the metro New York area.

New MAC Group Warehouse Needed

Despite the current challenges with shipping and materials availability, the company found it was in a position where it needed more space to support its growing logistics and distribution operations.

“The new space also came with good karma and good memories; it brought us back to the same office park that our previous MAC Group headquarters were located in,” the company announced.

“We are profoundly grateful to be seeing significant economic improvements from the pandemic-driven dive the world experienced back in 2020. While we are not even close to being fully out of the woods, all signs are pointing to a recovery the likes of which we haven’t seen since the 1980s. MAC group warehouse

“We are equally pleased that so many of our long-term dealers weathered the storm and have come through the challenges of the past year and a half with renewed focus, energy and positivity. We all learned quite a few lessons. Now let’s all keep building on them,” added Jan Lederman, the president of MAC Group

MAC Group

Thirty-four years ago, MAC Group started as a boutique marketing, sales and distribution group focusing on professional photographers. As the industry evolved, so did MAC Group. The company expanded into filmmaking, video, mobile, content creation as well as audio.

Today, the company’s portfolio of brands includes Accsoon; Benro; broncolor; Calibrite; Foba; Gepe; Elinchrom; Heliopan; Jupio; Kaiser; Kupo; NanLite; Novoflex; Phottix; Rotatrim; Saramonic; Sekonic;;Shimoda; Tenba as well as Toyo.