DNP Foresees Positive Trends for the Photo Industry in 2021

DNP Foresees Positive Trends for the Photo Industry in 2021


Concord, NC—The past year for the photo industry, like most industries, was filled with uncertainty, challenges and changing business strategies. Despite the difficulties, DNP Imagingcomm America Corporation (DNP IAM) continued to introduce new technologies. Moreover, the company sees positive trends emerging for the industry.

Despite the challenging year, DNP launched the DP QW410 lightweight printer; the IDW520 ID solution; as well as the Wireless Connect Module (WCM). In addition, the company worked to connect with and support the photo community. Now, going into 2021, DNP IAM expects the industry to not only recover but to come out stronger.


“2020 was a challenging year for everyone. While the past year could have crushed the spirits of the event photography and photo booth industries, we were so pleased to see many of our customers and other companies within the industry do quite the opposite,” said Shinichi Yamashita, president of DNP IAM.

“We saw unlikely partnerships forged; communities come together to share, grow and learn; and are seeing signs of the industry expressing optimism and excitement for the future. As 2021 continues, and it becomes safe for people to gather together again, we expect to see a surge of events as people reconnect with friends and family, finally holding postponed wedding ceremonies, birthday parties and other celebrations.”

Positive Trends for the Photo Industry

In 2021, DNP IAM expects to see the return of in-person events once again. Photo booth operators and event photographers will see an increase in gatherings, parties, weddings and other celebrations. What’s more, people will want to document these events more than ever before.

People have spent the last year separated from many loved ones. As a result, the company believes that once people can safely gather again, they will want to preserve those precious moments; they will do so by capturing them with a camera and printing them out. DNP-IAM-Logo

In addition, in 2020, the photo community came together to educate and support one another like never before. As part of that focus, DNP Brand Ambassadors hosted a series of free seminars and inspirational lectures, in collaboration with B&H Event Space. The series helped studio, event and photo booth photographers learn how to print wirelessly from an iPad or iPhone. They also showed them how prints could increase the bottom line of their businesses—and how to adjust to the Covid-19 pandemic.

DNP IAM expects the photo community to continue to grow as well as collaborate throughout 2021. “New collaborations will continue to bring the industry closer together and represent the strength within the photo community,” the company noted.