Profoto Assetflow Studio Software Released

Profoto Assetflow Studio Software Released


Florham Park, NJ—With Profoto Assetflow workflow software, the company is extending its scalable, end-to-end solution for high-volume e-commerce studios. The workflow management tool enables studios to streamline their content creation. As a result, they can achieve a faster time-to-market.

Profoto Assetflow enables studios to streamline their content creation.

“This is yet another step in offering a complete solution for e-commerce visual content creation. We are committed to driving innovation that enables our customers to achieve higher sales conversion, faster time to market as well as fewer returns for their e-commerce business,” said CEO Anders Hedebark.

Profoto Assetflow

E-commerce depends on great visual content. Profoto believes the process of creating that content usually needs streamlining. “From planning to photography and videography, over postproduction to publication, currently, no provider supports all these phases,” Hedebark added.

Assetflow integrates with Profoto’s automated solutions for capture.

Built to enable streamlined content creation, Assetflow integrates seamlessly with Profoto’s automated solutions used for capture. The software also allows users to manage samples and assets in real-time. In addition, it will standardize looks with digital style guides and track progress across multiple locations.  

As a result of Assetflow, Profoto expanded its end-to-end solution to cover workflow planning and management on top of current content creation systems for photo and video, professional lights and seamless integration to postproduction through third-party partners. 

Profoto Assetflow is available now here.