Focused on the Fight: Sigma & Photo Dealers Donate $93,000 Plus

Focused on the Fight: Sigma & Photo Dealers Donate $93,000 Plus


Ronkonkoma, NY—Sigma Corporation of America announced that $93,798 was donated to 20 community-based charities. Further, Sigma partnered with 18 imaging retail partners via the Focused on the Fight giveback campaign to make the donations.

Moreover, the program donated 5% of all the sales of Sigma cameras, lenses as well as photographic accessories sold between April 1 through June 30, 2020 to local nonprofit community organizations. Participating U.S. camera and electronics retailers selected the organizations.

“Local camera shops are what ground Sigma in the photographic world. We have a connection that forms an ecosystem, with common interests of serving community needs through the photography experience; be it in the love of the equipment itself or the end result photo that visually expresses a moment, an emotion or also a memory,” said Mark Amir-Hamzeh, president of Sigma America.

“We, at this time, were able to activate that passion for photography, tangibly, to our community members in need. It is a manufacturer supporting its dealers, and those dealers’ communities; the result is a three-way partnership to help those impacted in the most significant ways,” Amir-Hamzeh added.

Focused on the Fight

Each individual retailer decided on the selection of a local charity. Community service organizations ranging from food banks and work assistance to specialized hospitals each received disbursement checks. These checks will help further their specific missions of community service. SIgma-Logo-Black covid-19

“Your philanthropy and care about our work has allowed us to serve more than 341,000 meals to kids and families since schools shut down mid-March. We share our deepest thanks and gratitude,” commented Ashley Diersch, Development Director, Kids’ Food Basket, which serves Western Michigan.

Visit Sigma’s special information page to view all participating vendors and the local charitable organizations that have benefited from the Focused on the Fight charitable giving campaign here.