Shutterstock Contributor Community Marks $1B in Earnings

Shutterstock Contributor Community Marks $1B in Earnings


Las Vegas, NV—Shutterstock announced that the Shutterstock contributor community has reached $1 billion in earnings paid. Shutterstock is a global technology company offering a creative platform for high-quality content, tools and services.

The company released its Contributor Earnings report; the report breaks down the achievement shared among its global community of artists, photographers, videographers and musicians. The report showcases an overview of earnings by region and a snapshot of high-growth countries. It also features a selection of contributors who helped make the achievement possible.

Shutterstock Contributor Community

More than one million contributors across Shutterstock, Shutterstock Editorial, Shutterstock Custom, Bigstock, Offset and PremiumBeat are responsible for making more than 300 million images, 16 million videos and 24 million music tracks available on the platform. Each time an image, video clip or music track is licensed through Shutterstock, the contributor behind that content earns money. Shutterstock-Contributor community 1Billion-2“Our 1.9 million customers around the world rely on the inspiring work provided by our contributors to create effective promotional campaigns, social posts, websites, movies and other creative projects for their organizations,” said Shutterstock’s founder and CEO, Jon Oringer. “They range from Fortune 500 brands to the mom-and-pop coffee shop on the corner. We are incredibly proud of the network effect of our platform and this monumental achievement reached by our contributor community.”

The platform has more than six images downloaded every second. Shutterstock’s platform provides contributors with real-time information on the performance of their content. It also offers trending topics to help them deliver fresh images, video and music to meet current demands.

Moreover, with the launch of in-app contributor registration for iOS and Android, image and footage contributors can start earning money from their mobile photos and videos right away. The contributor-facing website and mobile applications are also now available in 21 languages. What’s more, a newly upgraded contributor portfolio page offers an enhanced experience for these users to showcase their content in one place.

Explore the Contributor Earnings report here.