TIPA Adds Three Member Publications

TIPA Adds Three Member Publications

Technical Image Press Association Totals 30 Members, Including First Online Publication


Madrid, Spain—At the Technical Image Press Association’s (TIPA) general assembly, held in Havana, Cuba, delegates from TIPA member magazines voted to accept three new member publications to the worldwide group.

New members include the first photographic website in the organization’s history, the Luminous Landscape. Also added were FotoCult magazine, published in Italy, and Photography News, a United Kingdom publication.

“Our mission is to promote an awareness of the important role our member publications play in bringing the joy of photography to their readers throughout the world,” said Thomas Gerwers, chairman of TIPA.

“Recognizing and bringing exciting photo publications into the TIPA membership fold is a vital part of our work and benefits the individual publications as well as the photo industry at large. Each new member brings a unique perspective to its subscribers and followers and adds to the already impressive list of now 30 TIPA member publications from North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.”

      New Member Publications

FotoCult Magazine

Focused on professional photographers and those who love the art and craft of photography, it features a rich design. With high-quality reproduction, it offers a range of articles covering a wide selection of topics. These include camera and gear reviews, interviews with photographers and stylists, events and workshops, portfolios of new and breakthrough work, and also coverage of “venues and hideaways that perfectly harmonize lifestyle and photography.” The magazine is dubbed “the magazine for Foto and Lifestyle.”

The publication’s mission is to serve as a bridge between the increasingly trendy world of photography and an audience that is equally interested in luxury, art and contemporary technology.

Photography News

This monthly magazine is distributed via photo retailers and by paid subscription to camera club members throughout the UK. Along with club news, the publication keeps its readers informed about photo competitions and also workshops and lectures. In addition, it provides insider advice to readers from competition winners, organizers and judges on how to succeed in having their work selected as Best in Show.

The magazine is also packed with information on the latest camera gear and technology updates. Furthermore, it provides hands-on reviews of the cameras and accessories. It is opinionated and filled with helpful advice as well as interviews aimed directly at camera club members.

Luminous Landscape

Started in 1999, Luminous Landscape has grown to be one of the most respected websites covering the art and craft of photography. The publication is affectionately known by its loyal readers as LuLa.  It is also touted as the “Photographer’s Knowledge Resource.”

In addition, the online publication offers a rich tapestry of articles, in-depth reviews, tutorials and videos. Its moderated forums enable readers to pose and respond to a range of topics and imaging issues.

With knowledgeable editors and world-class contributors, the site delves into technical matters. It also offers inspirational essays and images that cover both locales and shooting styles. It also has a grant program, the Luminous Endowment, for new and aspiring photographers.

Luminous Landscape also conducts travel workshops throughout the world. These workshops give photographers hands-on training in some of the most photogenic locations on the planet.

“We recognize that information and inspiration are delivered to photographers through many venues today. And that the Internet plays an important role in this regard,” added Gerwers.

“When considering a new member for TIPA we hold any publication, in print or on the Internet, to the same high standards applied to all the members in the association. We will continue to support the photo industry through our many activities and awards. And we wil keep pace with every development that furthers consumer awareness about the benefits photography brings to their lives.”


The Technical Image Press Association (TIPA) is comprised of editors and representatives of photographic magazines, both printed and online. Members are located in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Members span the consumer, professional and trade sectors. Each member magazine is dedicated to bringing the message of the joy of photography. They are also dedicated to providing technical, business and industry news to their readers.
TIPA-Member-MapKnown chiefly for the annual TIPA Awards, which began in 1991 and today include the best of 40 imaging categories, TIPA also provides key information about the photo industry. It does in-depth testing of photographic equipment and initiates technical and exploratory discussions with imaging companies. tipa.com