# InspiredWithHasselblad: Creative Expression from Home

# InspiredWithHasselblad: Creative Expression from Home

Günther Egger is swapping his studio space for his living room, where he experiments with painterly imagery using objects around his home, specifically flower arrangements.

Union, NJ—Hasselblad vows to keep up artistic expression during these trying times of home quarantine and social distancing. The company’s efforts are titled # InspiredWithHasselblad. The Instagram program was established to appreciate the unique nature of creativity, especially under the challenge of spatial isolation.

# InspiredWithHasselblad

Hasselblad hopes to rally its community of photographers together and celebrate the creative spirit by sharing images, inspiration and tips that fuel artistic energy.

#InspiredWithHasselblad opens with featured photographers such as Austrian product photographer Günther Egger. He finds beauty in floral arrangements and lighting techniques at home. Moreover, Swedish creative Olle Broksten gives tips on how one can use household items to create a studio at home as he did when photographing luxury perfume bottles.

Donald Michael Chambers uses this time of quarantine at his home in Copenhagen to experiment with ambient light and gels. He turns portraits of his wife into cinematic scenes and explains how to do it at home.

In addition, Trinidadian/British photographer Donald Michael Chambers uses his own wife as his portrait subject in their Copenhagen home. He also gives tips on using ambient light to create cinematic scenes.

These photographers are sharing their advice for “at-home photography,” inspiration and motivation during these times. They also offer their own creative challenges to those at home whose living rooms are now their temporary studios.

© Olle Broksten

As the campaign continues, Hasselblad will present more featured photographers for inspiration. They will also provide weekly highlights selected from creators who post their work shot with Hasselblad using the hashtag #InspiredWithHasselblad.

To view more images and learn more about #InspiredWithHasselblad, visit hasselblad.com/inspired-with-hasselblad.


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