Kodak Moments First Business Inducted into Kiosk Hall of Fame

Kodak Moments First Business Inducted into Kiosk Hall of Fame


Rochester, NY—Kodak Moments is the newest member of the Kiosk Industry Hall of Fame. The award is presented by the Kiosk Industry Group to recognize outstanding achievement and long-standing service to the kiosk industry. Moreover, Kodak Moments is the first business inducted into the Kiosk Hall of Fame since its inception in 2003. Previously, the Hall of Fame was an honor exclusively for individual contributors to the industry.

“No business has made a greater impact on the kiosk industry than Kodak Moments,” said Craig Allen Keefner, manager of the Kiosk Industry Group and curator of the Kiosk Hall of Fame. “Kodak Moments was the original global provider of kiosks. The proliferation of kiosks across retail and travel and leisure was driven largely by photo kiosks.”

Kodak Moments in Kiosk Hall of Fame

Furthermore, hundreds of thousands of consumers use Kodak Moments touchpoints each day in a range of retail locations. They include pharmacies, big-box stores as well as small businesses. Indoor and outdoor kiosks are also deployed at amusement parks, resorts and on cruise ships. The company’s mission is to be the brand consumers choose to celebrate and preserve life’s memories, from big events to everyday moments that matter.

Kodak Moments President Nicki Zongrone and Kiosk Industry Group Manager Craig Allen Keefner.

In addition, Kodak Moments is also a leader in kiosk fleet management. It has a complete understanding of kiosk performance, how to manage and service a fleet as well as the skilled resources to drive kiosk success.

“We are honored to be inducted into the Kiosk Industry Hall of Fame,” said Nicki Zongrone, Kodak Moments’ president. “Consumers rely on us to help preserve their cherished memories as well as the everyday moments that are worth sharing. We look forward to our continued collaboration with our retail partners to provide consumers a simple, smart and modern photo experience.”

What’s more, Kodak Moments offers retailers a variety of traditional photo prints and premium photo products. They are easy for consumers to create as well as order on demand. Data analysis has shown that a retailer with a photo department will experience a higher market basket due to customer visits to order and pick up photo products.

Kodak Moments Technology

Further, Kodak Moments developed its technology to deliver products in a way that’s convenient to consumers. Consequently, they can buy and print in stores or buy online. Delivery options are ship to home, ship to store or print in the store the same day. Kodak Moments is powered by more than 100,000 consumer touchpoints across 30 countries.

“Kodak Moment supports a complete omnichannel experience,” explained Keefner. “ATMs and airline ticketing kiosks are single function and designed for more linear transactions. Photo kiosks provide a wider array of products and services.”

Additionally, Kodak Moments kiosks process information from a variety of sources. Since every order is unique, based on a consumer’s images, photo kiosks have a dynamic user interface to deliver an experience that adapts to what each consumer wants.

“Since our inception, we have continued to lead the retail experience with innovations that enable consumers to celebrate, relive and share their Kodak Moments,” added Zongrone.