Latest Forever Box Digitization Services Now Available

Latest Forever Box Digitization Services Now Available


Green Bay, WI—Forever recently launched its latest Forever Box digitization services. The improved, easy-to-understand solution will help clients digitize their analog media and save these digitized memories for generations online. Supported media includes photos, home movies, film reels as well as slides.

Latest Forever Box Digitization Services

The new version also allows clients to purchase a 2-, 10- or 20-item Forever Box. This simplifies pricing as well as expedites the digitization process. Moreover, once their memories are digitized, clients can have them added to a thumb drive. Or, they may have them uploaded into their Forever Box Center—a personalized space in their Forever account. Forever_Box_Digitization services-Conversion-6-021

From their Forever Box Center, clients can view and download their memories or preserve them for generations online with Forever’s permanent cloud storage.

“During the Covid-19 pandemic, people returned to what mattered most: family and loved ones,” said Glen Meakem, Forever founder and CEO. “We saw a huge increase in demand for our complete and permanent memory-keeping services, especially digitization services.

“So, to meet this demand and reach even more clients, we streamlined the Forever Box experience. The process is now simpler and more efficient than ever; clients can easily follow their order every step of the way with enhanced tracking technology.”

Forever Upgrades

In 2020, Forever made large investments in its Forever Box facility in Green Bay, Wisconsin. They included updating its equipment, expanding its space as well as hiring new employees.

“We are absolutely committed to growing our Forever Box digital conversion business in Green Bay. Everyone needs to have their memories preserved,” said Meakem.

“Our competitors say, ‘push it through.’ At Forever, we always say ‘do it right,’” added Eric Napier, director of Forever Box Digital Conversion. “We always put quality first. We also have a close relationship with our shipping partners and use a proprietary barcoding system to track each piece of media every step of the way.”


The company offers a permanent and complete memory-keeping solution in the cloud where people and organizations can preserve and share their memories.

It offers Forever permanent cloud storage, digital conversion, content organization, online sharing, succession planning and also metadata preservation. In addition, Forever provides design software, digital art and online printing.

What’s more, the company guarantees that the memories stored with the Forever permanent cloud storage will remain preserved, protected and available for at least 100 years.