Website Is Updated as Bookbinding Business Expands Website Is Updated as Bookbinding Business Expands


Meggen, Switzerland—Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, continued to grow since its founding last year. With the success of its bookbinding systems in automating premium layflat book production, the company is seeing potential customers enquiring from all continents. To support these developing customers, now has sales/distribution/support partners in 22 countries. Moreover, it has updated the website.

“Small-to-medium-size printers worldwide are recognizing that automating production of layflat books is essential for competing in this growing high-value-added premium market segment,” said CEO Djawad Khorosh. “With our portfolio of automated layflat bookbinding systems for both single- and double-sided printing, our international team is working closely with these printers to improve their workflow and lower production costs.”

While headquartered in Switzerland, the company has woven a close-knit alliance of companies from around the world to offer reliable regional manufacturing, sales as well as customer support. Moreover, the company manufactures all systems to stringent EU requirements.

The company launched in fall 2020 with binding systems that leverage the rapidly growing demand for premium layflat photo books. Founded on the principle of establishing long-term relationships with customers, the company has evolved into an international bookbinding team. In addition, it encompasses design, manufacturing, logistics, distribution, marketing, sales and support.

LF 1000

It offers the latest bookbinding technologies suitable for unique requirements. Each of its machines meets different needs for speed and productivity. Notably, its binding techniques allow a photo book to have a seamless, uninterrupted display when opened; there is no content obstructed by the gutter.

The systems also feature easy installation, operation and maintenance; with simple training, the systems do not require specialized skills.