DIR December 2014 Tech Trends: Wi-Fi

DIR December 2014 Tech Trends: Wi-Fi


The Percentage of Cameras with Integrated Wi-Fi Is Growing

Port Washington, NY—As a response to the shift in consumer photography habits, Wi-Fi enabled digital camera unit sales have grown 66% for the 12 months ending in October 2014.

Point-and-shoot cameras account for a majority of these sales. However, the percentage of digital SLR cameras that are now wirelessly connected has doubled. It has gone from 6% of units in the 12 months ending October 2013 to 12% for this recent period.
The ASPs (average selling prices) for wireless-enabled DSLRs have also increased, while prices for non-wireless digital SLR cameras have fallen.

Additionally, this month’s Tech Trend was written by Ben Arnold. Arnold is the executive director, Industry Analyst, for the NPD Group, Inc.