Point & Shoot Digital Cameras Gaining Popularity with 13–17 Year Olds: InfoTrends

Point & Shoot Digital Cameras Gaining Popularity with 13–17 Year Olds: InfoTrends


Weymouth, MA—At a time when the imaging industry is faced with the assertion that cameraphones have overtaken the digital camera as the main photo capture device, InfoTrends recently published a survey on U.S. digital camera usage that reveals some interesting findings.

InfoTrends’ 2015 Digital Camera End-User Survey found that “57% of the 13–17 year old group said they are most likely to purchase a point-and-shoot camera in the next two years.”

In addition, roughly 48% of respondents with near-term camera purchase plans said they were most likely to purchase some kind of point-and-shoot camera.

“It’s not all doom and gloom for the future of traditional cameras; just because everyone is using a cameraphone doesn’t mean they have forgotten all about the camera,” said Carrie Sylvester. Sylvester is a consultant for InfoTrends’ Consumer and Professional Imaging Services. “It was interesting to see that the 13–17 year olds were less likely than the average population to say a smartphone will be their next camera purchase. This is especially interesting given their general propensity for mobile technology.”

For more than a decade, InfoTrends has been conducting end-user surveys to track the adoption and usage of digital cameras. An important part of this research is tracking how the market has changed over the years due to new products, prices and the impact cameraphones have had on the ownership and use of traditional digital cameras. The research firm found that smartphones are now used most often for overall picture taking. But it maintains the smartphone should be looked upon less as a rival and more as a complementary tool.

“The smartphone is introducing many to photography for the first time. It is leading to a renewed interest for the more seasoned photographers,” added Sylvester. “Through editing apps, people are also being introduced to new photography techniques, which will generate a greater interest in photography.”

InfoTrends’ 2015 Digital Camera End-User Survey was conducted in January and February 2015. It considers the ways in which user demographics are changing. It also highlights the segments that should be targeted in various marketing efforts.

In the study, respondents who stated they had plans to purchase a camera in the next two years were asked which type they were most likely to purchase. They were given a list of 10 potential camera models they might consider for purchase. These options included mobile phones (feature and smartphones), point-and-shoot camera models and interchangeable-lens cameras (DSLRs and mirrorless models).

According to InfoTrends, “Although the smartphone came out as the top camera most likely to be purchased by people with near-term camera purchasing plans, as a combined category the point-and-shoot camera—in its various flavors of zoom—is the camera type MOST likely to be purchased.”


InfoTrends research has consistently found that consumers under the age of 35 tend to be more photo active. They are also inclined to upgrade their cameras more frequently. They are also the group, however, that is most likely to use their smartphone camera most often.

“Camera vendors must keep these younger consumers in mind with their marketing messages. They should also consider them when developing future product features,” Sylvester cautioned. “Younger consumers like cool gadgets and cutting-edge capabilities. But they also need to be reminded of the benefits of using a digital camera.” infotrends.com