Video Brings Growth to Pro Photography Businesses: Animoto

Video Brings Growth to Pro Photography Businesses: Animoto


New York, NY—Animoto reported survey results that point to the effectiveness of video on growing professional photographers’ businesses. Animoto is an online video maker. Its mission is to make it easy for anyone to create and share professional-quality video.

Animoto surveyed 915 professional photography customers. Results revealed the majority found success in using videos created with Animoto as a tool to increase sales and awareness. The power of video for professional photographers’ businesses is resounding, according to the company. Nearly all (94%) agree that video increases customer satisfaction. Additionally, 83% agree that using video has had a positive impact on their business.

“Professional photographers not only must be fantastic storytellers through the images they capture, they must also be savvy businesspeople,” said Brad Jefferson, CEO and cofounder of Animoto. “Video is an effective and simple method to stand out in a crowded marketplace. And that can help pro photographers quickly realize higher profits and referrals.”

Video = More Orders: Animoto

One in three professional photographers stated that the inclusion of video as a product has led to higher orders from customers overall. As pro photographers seek to diversify, video is a complementary offering that brings life to the stills captured throughout a photo shoot or event. The fusion of photos and video clips into one seamless edited video is a simple tactic for professional photographers to upsell.

There are a variety of ways videos can be included as a sales asset, each of which add a dynamic component to the storytelling process:

  • 54% of professional photographers include video as a product in a package.
  • 40% of professional photographers use video as a bonus or incentive to upsell.
  • 36% of professional photographers sell videos a la carte.

Video Increases Brand Awareness

Additionally, according the survey findings, three quarters of professional photographers cite the use of video as increasing brand awareness. Nearly half (44%) earned more referrals from existing customers due to the use of video.

Including video as a tool in marketing and social media efforts gives current and potential customers a shareable asset that can aid in organic, word of mouth marketing, noted Animoto. A new addition to promoting their work, videos are a trackable, effective tool for pro photographers to showcase skills, experience and creativity. Video can be shared as an engaging takeaway in various ways with success:

  • 61% of professional photographers use video to market their services online.
  • 55% of professional photographers share video on Facebook and social media properties.
  • 29 of professional photographers use video on their homepage to promote business, and 23% use video on their blog.
  • More than a quarter (29%) of professional photographers who use video have experienced increased traffic to their website.

Video = Higher Customer Satisfaction

In addition to its ability to help professional photographers increase sales and awareness, video contributes to higher overall customer satisfaction. According to the survey, eight in 10 professional photographers receive positive feedback regarding their use of video for sales as well as marketing. Video is a strategic tool to fuel business. It can also be used to foster relationships with clients. 75% of professional photographers’ clients have cried when watching an Animoto video; and 49% of professional photographers share video as a gift.

“Photos have the power to elicit emotion from customers. But video moves them to tears, inspiring another level of connection to a memory and the person who captured it that can’t otherwise be recreated,” added Jefferson.

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