Canon USA’s “Canon See Impossible” Branding Initiative Spurs the Creative Spirit

Canon USA’s “Canon See Impossible” Branding Initiative Spurs the Creative Spirit


Melville, NY–Canon launched its “Canon See Impossible” branding effort, aimed at broadening the company’s branding message to consumers and businesses to inspire their creativity by understanding and appreciating the totality of the Canon brand.

“Our core competency is much stronger and wider than people think. There’s a broader side to Canon,” said Michelle Fernandez, director of Marketing for Canon’s ITCG Camera & Video Marketing division. “It’s not just about the products that we’re typically known for. We’ve grown to become a company that is much broader and one that can service and educate all types of users, from consumers to businesses. We really want to create this holistic approach to who the brand is.”

Central to the campaign is cultivating storylines that illustrate how Canon technology, combined with end-user ingenuity, breaks new ground and how the sharing of ideas and opportunities will help provide a picture of future imaging technology. Two videos, Author and Director, currently online at, feature storylines of entrepreneurs taking creativity into their own hands with the help of Canon products. The videos are the first in a coming series meant to inspire consumer, professional and business customers to utilize Canon technology.

“Regardless of whether you’re on the photographic side or the business side, the idea of empowering the creative spirit is something our brand has always been about, and that’s the essence of this campaign,” said Fernandez. “We’re not delineating among the different groups. We’re going out there and saying, ‘here’s how,’ thereby widening our influence in the world of imaging.”

As part of the marketing initiative, Canon rolled out a new logo graphic with the “Canon See Impossible” tagline. The logo is accompanied by a 3D visual of an expanding box, symbolizing Canon’s desire to break the boundaries of what is possible and shift the focus from Canon being solely a manufacturer of quality digital imaging products to a company that empowers the creative spirit.

“As the next chapter in the company’s long history unfolds, Canon is working to listen, adapt and build a prescient understanding of the changing market forces it faces today and the incredible opportunities they present,” added Fernandez.

Elements of “Canon See Impossible” are being launched in print, digital media and live events and will run on various video media platforms as part of a multiyear effort.