December Editorial: What’s Your New Year’s Resolution Going to Be?

December Editorial: What’s Your New Year’s Resolution Going to Be?


December is always a time of reflection on the successes and challenges of the past year—and on our hopes for the ensuing twelve months.  

As this issue of Photo Industry Reporter is going to press, we’re hearing nothing but good things about retail sales for the holidays. Black Friday and Cyber Monday were both setting records, and industry analysts were predicting strong, positive growth for retail in general, and consumer electronics in particular.

If those predictions come true, then hopefully you are able to pull out a profitable year in a very tumultuous economic time.

No one really knows what the next twelve months have in store, but one thing is almost certain—our industry will continue to change and we’d better be ready for it. Changing consumer habits are wiping away entire businesses. In 2011 we saw Borders go the way of Tower Records and Blockbuster Video. Those who refuse to accept these changes might come to the realization too late that digital continues to alter the space we live in.

So, let’s make our New Year’s resolution a substantive one this year. Promise yourselves that you’re going to listen to your customers, and track consumer trends. Accept that many of your customers will be looking for iPhone and Android accessory lenses this year, and make sure you have them in stock. Convince your customers that if they haven’t printed one photo in the past year, they may have lost an entire year of their lives for future generations to appreciate. Improve your Internet business so you can become a sought-after destination for printing and buying. And, be good to your employees; their year was probably just as tough as your year was, but they still came to work with a smile every day.

Wishing all of you and your families a wonderful holiday season, and the best in 2012.