DIR April 2013 Editor’s Note: We’ve Changed Our Name, but Not Our...

DIR April 2013 Editor’s Note: We’ve Changed Our Name, but Not Our Commitment to the Imaging Industry


Times have changed. Since Photo Industry Reporter was first published in 1993, the imaging industry has gone through an incredible revolution. And while we’ve been covering the digital evolution for years, Alan and I thought it was time to transform our trade magazine to more accurately reflect our mission of serving readers with the most complete coverage of the industry.

Digital Imaging Reporter
is not just a simple name change. It is a commitment to expand our coverage of the digital imaging industry. We will continue to give you the complete picture of our industry and the issues that affect your business by doing what we do best, both in print and online at DIReporter.com—offering complete reviews of digital cameras, accessories, minilabs and printers, and providing coverage of manufacturer, distributor and retail issues that are at the core of our industry.

In addition, we’re going to expand our coverage to encompass the entire digital ecosystem, including the digital video market, phoneography, digital output, tablets and other digital displays, and how the Internet retail environment affects our industry.

We've also added a new feature called The Last Word, where each month we'll be asking industry leaders to offer thier unedited perspectives on issues in their own words.

Why the change? Because the dynamic digital environment affects the way we all do business—manufacturers, distributors and retailers. And we’re committed to continuing to put our industry in the proper perspective so that you can continue to receive the news that will help you be successful.

We appreciate your ongoing support, and we welcome your feedback.