DIR April 2014 Editor’s Note: Hit ‘Em Where They Ain’t

DIR April 2014 Editor’s Note: Hit ‘Em Where They Ain’t


Around the turn of the century, a future Hall of Fame baseball player, “Wee Willie” Keeler, used to give this simple advice to his fellow teammates: “Keep your eye clear and hit ’em where they ain’t.”

We took this advice to heart as we designed our issue this month.  

There is a lot to talk about in the camera industry these days. Hybrid photography—led by mostly higher end DSLRs and mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras—has changed the way photographers think about imaging today. It’s not just about the still shot anymore; there are so many more ways that photographers can be creative, either personally or for their clients, by combining stills and video to tell a complete story.

And with Mother’s Day approaching, we began thinking about the various kinds of camera gifts to give mom. Now coming in different colors and sizes, cameras have long zooms (for those faraway outfield catches) and are shockproof (for those rambunctious toddlers). As you’ll see in “Colorful Cameras That Make the Ideal Gift for Mom,”, cameras are still a great gift for mom, the memory keeper.

Then there’s our feature on lenses, giving you the ammunition to sell that second and third lens to your photo enthusiasts, or the beginners who just want to expand their horizons.

Call this the “smartphones can’t do that” issue. When people say the camera industry is in decline, please hold up this issue of Digital Imaging Reporter. And take Wee Willie Keeler’s advice. It could make for a very profitable spring.