DIR October 2013 Editor’s Note: Hope Is Not a Strategy

DIR October 2013 Editor’s Note: Hope Is Not a Strategy


As we enter the all-important holiday selling season, it’s critical to look at yourself in the mirror and ask: what is my strategy?

At Digital Imaging Reporter, we try to offer ideas and suggestions on how to be successful during the selling process. We always appreciate the input of dealers who offer their suggestions and insights on what works, and on what doesn’t. This issue’s Retailer Roundtable offers some tried-and-true methods to keep customers coming back to your stores, and we thank our panel for their willingness to share their insights.

Mike McEnaney also stepped up to the plate this season to offer suggestions in the face of a tepid consumer market, covering both in-store and online strategies. And my own Strategy Session column suggests that your greatest point of difference may very well be standing right next to you.

The important point here is there are many strategies available that can help build your sales this holiday season. But hope shouldn’t be one of them. In the face of a growing but fragile economy, a Congress that seems set on playing dangerous political games with consumers’ lives, and technology advances that seem to be working against the photo hardware business, it’s time to use our strengths as imaging experts to build holiday sales. 

A well-thought-out marketing and sales strategy, which is communicated to your employees, is the best offense to building a successful 2013.