DIR November 2013 Editor’s Note: The Social Holiday Season

DIR November 2013 Editor’s Note: The Social Holiday Season


During the holidays, everyone used to be more social. Holiday parties, office get-togethers, family gatherings. It was always great to see everyone and share the holiday cheer.

Now, our social holiday gatherings aren’t really gatherings anymore. And they’re not very social either. When we talk “social” now, it’s all about the online connection.

This should be the year that you stop saying things like “Facebook isn’t for me,” and “What’s a blog?” and “Twitter is just for kids and Kardashians.” While “social” has taken on a new meaning, it’s also taken on another level of significance in the retail world. The social connection matters.

Whether customers are reading online reviews or posting their own, it’s important for you to get into the mix. Consumers look for experts to help them make purchase decisions. They’re yearning for independent resources that will make their decisions more secure. You, as the expert, can become that connection.

For those of you who have jumped in with both feet, let us know how it’s going. We’d be happy to print tips and tricks for the online retail world. And for the rest of you, remember this: the longer you wait for something to become mainstream, the later you will be to the holiday party.

Best of luck to all for a great holiday season.