DIR September 2013 Editor’s Note: The More Things Change . . .

DIR September 2013 Editor’s Note: The More Things Change . . .


When we set out to develop our annual State of the Industry report, we usually ask ourselves how it might differ from the year before. It seems as though each year brings unique challenges, new technologies and social and economic changes that continue to transform our industry in new and exciting directions. This year was certainly no different.

We hope you appreciate the perspectives that our industry leaders have given us, because they have taken the time and effort to help our readers understand their unique challenges, as well as their outlook for 2014.

We’ve also included articles in this issue that represent growing businesses within the imaging industry. Probably the most profound change in our industry in 2013 was the coming of age of the smartphone camera—and the effect it has had on the point-and-shoot camera business. Our industry has responded with the introduction of large-sensor point-and-shoot cameras, creating a dynamic new category for consumers, and Jason Schneider does an excellent job of presenting the most influential products on the market in “Eight Great Large-Sensor Point & Shoot Cameras.” We’ve also asked Stewart Wolpin to offer his expertise to highlight the best smartphone cameras on the market—especially given their recent emergence as the go-to imaging tool among many consumers. His review is titled “The Best Smartphone Cameras of Summer 2013.”

I’m grateful to the many industry leaders that have contributed to our State of the Industry 2013. We added a new category this year by asking a sampling of retailers to offer their perspectives on the coming year, enabling us to round out the imaging ecosystem within our pages. We look forward to your feedback as we continue our charge to deliver vital information to help you be successful in your business.