DIR’s October 2015 Editor’s Note: Staying ahead of the Curve

DIR’s October 2015 Editor’s Note: Staying ahead of the Curve


There are so many new and interesting events going on this fall in the imaging industry that it’s hard to keep up.

I recently returned from the PRO convention in Jacksonville, Florida, and I have to say that every time I attend, I feel more inspired. There are so many enthusiastic photo specialty dealers, large and small, who are breaking new ground in our industry. And while I’m somewhat sworn to secrecy as a guest at the event, I’ll just say there is a renewed optimism for those dealers who are not standing still. They recognize that more images are being taken than ever before and that the opportunities are there for those bold enough to try new things.

While the PRO convention was going on, PMA presented their first InnovationNow Photo Business and Technology Summit in San Francisco. Filled with impressive speakers from the likes of Amazon, Google, Walgreens and Disney, the program forced the industry to open their eyes to the new, nontraditional photo players that are driving output and image collection. The new PMA is clearly on an accelerated track to redefine their organization. It’s exciting to see.

On October 20, the first annual Lucie Technical Awards will be handed out to honor companies large and small who have moved the industry forward.

Plus, on January 5, 2016 in Las Vegas, PMDA will hold their annual Person of the Year awards dinner, honoring industry leaders and innovators Matt Sweetwood, John H. White, Chris Burkard and Berend Ozceri.

When looking at these conferences and events as a whole, I see an industry continuing to innovate, reinvent, redefine and drive accomplishments, both large and small. Continuing to learn and staying positive and ahead of the curve will be beneficial to all.