6Sight Announces Imaging Leaders and Analysts to Speak at Future of Imaging...

6Sight Announces Imaging Leaders and Analysts to Speak at Future of Imaging Conference


New York, NY—Some of the world’s top imaging research analysts and innovators will address the attendees at the 2012 6Sight Future of Imaging Conference with ideas designed to help then overcome the obstacles and maximize the opportunities in the rapidly evolving imaging ecosystem.

6Sight is part of 2012 CE Week in New York City, a five-day citywide event that includes the CEA Line Shows and the Digital Downtown Conference and is organized in association with CEA, along with Martin Porter Associates, Photo Industry Reporter, and Consumer Technology Publishing Group/NAPCO, publisher of Dealerscope, Custom Retailer and E-Gear magazines.

“No other conference offers the breadth of imaging data, experience, and networking that we provide at 6Sight,” said 6Sight Conferences president Joe Byrd. “If you want to accelerate the growth of your imaging products and business strategies, there is no better place for you to be on June 25-26 than the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York where 6Sight will continue its work to advance the future of imaging for all players involved.”

The Consumer Electronics Association’s president, Gary Shapiro, will keynote the conference with his presentation on how “Innovation in Imaging” is at the forefront of consumer electronics trends. Shapiro, author of the New York Times best seller, The Comeback: How Innovation Will Restore the American Dream, will discuss how photography’s development from film to digital to mirrorless SLRs and smartphones all illustrate the kind of American innovation that pushes the evolution of the marketplace—and our national economy.

The conference research program includes:

  • InfoBreakfast. Ed Lee and David Haueter of InfoTrends will provide a breakfast presentation overseeing the key market trends expected to shape the current and future direction of the photo industry.
  • Top Imaging Trends. 6Sight senior analysts Paul Worthington and Tony Henning will present the most innovative technology shaping the photography business today and tomorrow.
  • Mobile Imaging Market Trends. MobileTrax founder J. Gerry Purdy, Ph.D., will discuss the challenges and opportunities in mobile imaging devices.
  • Social Imaging Survey. Hans Hartman will present the results of the consumer social imaging behavior and product usage survey he conducted for 6Sight.
  • Analyst Roundtable. Alex Spektar of Strategy Analytics, Liz Cutting of NPD, Marion Knoche of GfK, Joanna Wright of Futuresource, and Kristy Holch, founder of InfoTrends, will discuss the latest issues facing imaging.
  • Cameraphone Global Trends. Tony Henning provides the most complete overview of the current state of cameraphones and mobile imaging technology around the world.
  • Digital Imaging Market Trends. The CEA market researchers will discuss the latest trend data they have been gathering.

Imaging innovators include:

  • Juha Alakarhu, Nokia, will reveal how Nokia was able to bend the rules of physics to develop its 808 PureView technology 41 megapixel sensor.
  • Craig Saunders, Xerox, will present the work Xerox is doing with computer vision research and the new functionality intelligent imaging can bring to better using pictures.
  • Aydin Arpa, MIT Media Lab, will present the latest projects coming from one of the world’s top imaging development labs.
  • Sami Niemi, Scalado, who will present advanced technologies for redefining the capture of moments, and the means for reliving them on any screen, anywhere.
  • Laurent Martin, ScanCafe, will showcase an alternative photo book creation method that minimizes abandonment, increases sales and reaches out to new market segments.
  • Herwig Henseler, Ecce Terram, will present their Photo2Lab software suite, a photo/print software solution for retailers, commercial printers and photo labs that enables customers to use whichever order channel is most convenient for them: desktop, web client, native mobile and social app or kiosk solution.

Attendees will also hear from top imaging industry leaders on what they see ahead for imaging:

  • Mike Kahn, Sony; Jay Kelbley, Samsung; Jerry Grossman, Photo Industry Reporter; Kaycee Baker, Fujifilm; Markus Wierzoch, Artefact; and David Hartung, Liquid Image, will discuss the Advances in Camera Capture.
  • Kartik Venkataraman, Pelican Imaging; Jean Chao, Toshiba America Electronic Components; and Jon Herman Ulvensoeen, PoLight, will discuss Sensor and Optics Inside the Mobile Phone and Camera.
  • Sami Niemi, Scalado; Juha Alakarhu, Nokia; Aman Jabbi, Pelican Imaging; and Avner Goren, Texas Instruments, will discuss the latest developments in Image Processing.
  • Steve Linke, Verizon Wireless; and Avner Goren, Texas Instruments, will discuss the Mobile Ecosystem Imaging Management.
  •  Laurent Martin, ScanCafe; Yves Gagnon, Mediaclip; Joellyn Gray, Fujifilm; and John Lacagnina, ColorCentric, will discuss the Evolution of Photo Services with Gary Pageau.
  • Steve Linke, Verizon; Yuval Koren, Eye-Fi; Giovanni Tomaselli, ION; Mike Kahn, Sony; and Jose Hernandez, Samsung, will discuss the evolution of Connected Cameras.
  • Darren Kelly, PhotoBucket.com; Michael Rubin, Tiffen; Manish Vaidya, Streamzoo; Sami Niemi, Scalado; and Reiner Fageth, CeWe, will discuss the rise in importance of Mobile Imaging Apps.
  • Herwig Henseler, Ecce Terram; Hans Hartman, Suite 48; Ross Pirtle, Tunaverse Media; and Ulla-Maaria Engeström, Thinglink, will discuss aspects of Social Imaging.
  • Craig Saunders, Xerox; Robert Mathewson, Greedra; Jeffrey Franklin, Limitless Computing; and Andrew Stadien, IQ Engines, will discuss Intelligent Imaging and Augmented Reality.

This 6Sight Future of Imaging Conference is cohosted by Invest in Skåne and mobile imaging developer Scalado, and it is supported by CEA and PMA. Visit 6Sight.com to learn more about this and past 6Sight conferences.