McCurry Marketing Idea Exchange Returns on DIMAcast and in Newsline

McCurry Marketing Idea Exchange Returns on DIMAcast and in Newsline


Jackson, MI—Bill McCurry’s Marketing Idea Exchange returned to the DIMAcast, the weekly podcast of the Digital Imaging Marketing Association, and his long-running McCurry Marketing Idea Exchange (MMIE) newsletter, which temporarily suspended production last year to accommodate McCurry’s busy travel schedule, is now a twice-a-week section in the PMA Newsline blog.

“We are thrilled to welcome Bill’s Marketing Idea Exchange back to the DIMAcast, and to bring the MMIE back into publication in PMA Newsline,” said PMA’s president Allen Showalter of King Photo/Showalter Imaging Group. “The great marketing ideas for imaging retailers presented both in Bill’s interviews and the MMIE have helped so many DIMA and other PMA members find new, creative ways to resonate with their customers and make more money. PMA continues to fulfill its new mission of promoting the growth of the imaging industry—and bringing Bill and these fantastic marketing ideas back is a perfect fit with that mission.”

McCurry’s Marketing Idea Exchange podcasts, in which McCurry interviews imaging thought leaders from all over the world to learn about their best and most profitable sales and marketing efforts, broadcast live the first Monday of every month. On the other Mondays throughout each month, the DIMAcast provides interviews on an array of digital imaging and marketing topics from other interviewers.

In addition, the McCurry Marketing Idea Exchange newsletter returned, in the form of biweekly posts in PMA Newsline. Just as the newsletter did, the MMIE in PMA Newsline features the best marketing ideas submitted by readers; the “price” of the subscription is two ideas shared per year. New ideas appear in PMA Newsline each week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Ideas can be sent to

“Quick, insightful comments to help shape your thinking is the goal, ” McCurry said. “We’re reenergized from the brief break after listeners and readers said they needed the perspective from different regions and different aspects of our industry.”