New York Institute of Photography Adds Courses in Travel Photography & Photojournalism

New York Institute of Photography Adds Courses in Travel Photography & Photojournalism


New York, NY—The New York Institute of Photography (NYIP) launched two new online photography courses—an intensive course in Travel Photography and an intensive course in Photojournalism—marking seven course options for aspiring photographers.

“NYIP’s mission has always been to make a high-quality photography education accessible and convenient for students all over the world,” said Jacob Boller, school director for NYIP. “The introduction of these two courses allows us to expand on that mission and serve aspiring photographers in these two fascinating fields.”

NYIP’s Travel Photography course will teach photographers at any level how to document their expeditions. Students will learn the language of travel photography, what gear is best suited for different types of trips, and how to take better landscapes, nature and wildlife shots, portraits, and architectural photographs. In addition, the course prepares students to earn money as a travel photographer by helping students develop their portfolio and teaching the business skills needed to succeed in this field.

NYIP’s Photojournalism course will instruct photographers on how to take more impactful photographs that tell a story. Students will learn how to see the world like a photographer, the principles of narrative and how to tell a visual story. The course also prepares students for a career as a photojournalist through portfolio development and business training.

Students can enroll anytime, study from the comfort of their own homes and learn at their own pace. Every student will be paired with a professional photography mentor who will help them develop their skills and improve their photography. The full tuition for both courses is $999, with a discount for students who pay their tuition in full at the time of enrollment.

Founded in 1910, NYIP is the oldest and largest photography school in the world, having successfully trained thousands of photographers over more than 100 years. Located in the heart of the art capital of the world, New York City, it brings high-quality photography education straight to its students’ doors. NYIP is owned and operated by Distance Education Co., which also operates the New York Institute of Art and Design.