Update on the 2012 DIMA Conference

Update on the 2012 DIMA Conference


Jackson, MI—PMA announced that Dr. Glenn S. Omura will present two marketing sessions for photo-specialty retailers on Monday, January 9, 2012, at the 2012 DIMA Conference, held at Bally’s Las Vegas. 


The two sessions—“Imaging Retail Store Start-Up: Creating a Brand” and “Reinventing the Brand of Successful Retail Imaging Stores”—contain real-world examples of how specialty stores are reinvigorating their brands. Dr. Omura is an associate professor of Marketing at Michigan State University and has authored numerous research-based reports and given seminars and keynotes at many PMA conventions.


The first session, “Imaging Retail Store Start-Up: Creating a Brand” from 9-10:15 a.m., features two start-ups: one was a total retail-imaging novice and one a decades’ old retail-imaging veteran. The session features Debara Medina of ClearStory, located in San Diego, California, and Ron Inkley of Imaging Depot, in Ogden, Utah. 


The second session, “Reinventing the Brand of Successful Retail Imaging Stores,” 10:44 a.m.–12 p.m., features two successful photo retailers who have relaunched their store brands. Whether you are already successful, whether you are a camera store, a framer, a professional photographer, a drugstore, a supermarket, or a discount store, you can learn from this case study. The successful multi-store example is Stephen Weiss of Creve Coeur in St. Louis, Missouri, and the single-store example is Michael Woodland of Dan’s Camera in Allentown, Pennsylvania.


Kevin Kubota among Star-Studded DIMA Speaker Lineup

Every session in the 2012 DIMA conference’s two-day program is designed to help attendees expand their skills and add more building blocks to their understanding of imaging, marketing and business.


Two of the key programs bring Kevin Kubota, noted photographer, software developer and author of the new Lighting Notebook, to the stage. Kubota’s reputation for perfection is demonstrated in every workshop he teaches, but in his new book, he takes quality in education to a new level.


“This is about learning to understand lighting and then bringing that ingredient to each client adding the appropriate mood and flattery to each photographic session,” said Jeff Frazine, DIMA liaison. “We want to be able to give PMA members the tools they need to expand not only their own skill sets, but enhance their ability to work with each customer and build a stronger business model.”


Georgia McCabe Brings Social Media Boot Camp to DIMA 2012

As the paradigms of communication shift almost daily, there are only a handful of experts in social media as deeply rooted in photography as Georgia McCabe. Her background for most of her career has been in photography. Over the last five years she’s expanded her already remarkable expertise in communication to social media.


“The biggest thing is keeping on top of things. New applications change every day. If you don’t have a solid understanding of the capabilities of the tools you’re trying to use, you’ll wind up adrift in a sea of frustration,” said McCabe. “Kodak used to have a slogan: 'You push the button. We do the rest.' Well, with social media it’s often 'You click the mouse, now figure out the rest!'”


On January 9, McCabe will be presenting a four-part Social Media Boot Camp, helping DIMA attendees promote their business and their boost bottom line. With sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google, social media sites have become businesses greatest strategic asset. 


“Years ago we were told you couldn’t be in business without a Yellow Pages ad. Then it became, you can’t be in business without a website. Today, you can’t be in business without utilizing every aspect of social media,” added Jim Esp, executive director, PMA.


The DIMA conference is held just prior to the opening of PMA@CES and the 2012 International CES. The cost to attend is $399 for PMA members. Other program topics include marketing, business, lighting and branding. For registration information, visit pmai.org/PMA_CES.aspx?id=21811.