Experticity: Word-of-Mouth Marketing Has Real ROI

Experticity: Word-of-Mouth Marketing Has Real ROI


“Likes are nice but sales are better.” An Experticity infographic states: “Let’s face it—not all social followers are created equal. Likes, shares and impressions are nice. However, to assess the value of each click, you need to distinguish between the casual fan and the passionate advocate. The latter’s word of mouth (WOM) drives more sales. It also amplifies your social and digital marketing efforts.

“Unfortunately, most marketers still struggle with identifying, engaging and cultivating their best brand advocates. However, there is good news. Brands that can distinguish between social fans and advocates and connect with the later will see sales soar.”

Marketing Team’s Responsibility

Adds Inga Johnson, VP, Product & Marketing, “It’s your marketing team’s job to find the influencers among millions of social media users and brand advocates and pinpoint who’s driving these conversations both online and offline. Then, you need . . . to provide access to brand-related information so advocates on and off the retail floor are well equipped to discuss it and use it to create excitement out in the market.”