WPPI 2013 Conference + Expo Brings in 13,000+ Attendees from 70 Countries

WPPI 2013 Conference + Expo Brings in 13,000+ Attendees from 70 Countries


New York, NY—Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) recently completed its WPPI 2013 Conference + Expo, which delivered an educational and trade show experience to an audience of wedding and portrait photographers—with registered attendance exceeding 13,000 people from throughout the United States and 70 other countries.

Additionally, media attention surrounding the show was high, with more than 100 journalists, trade analysts and film crews covering the show and reporting about it in print and online.

The 33rd annual WPPI featured 176 speakers, 168 conference classes and more than 300 exhibitors and brands occupying 80,000 square feet of exhibit space. And, there were nearly 2,000 submissions in this year’s annual Print & Album Competition, which is nearly 25% more than last year.

All WPPI 2013 classes, events and trade show activities took place at the MGM Grand hotel and conference center in Las Vegas, Nevada, from March 7–14, 2013. Like-minded professional photographers gathered to sharpen their technical and business skills, to learn from the most successful and talented photographers working in the business today and to network with their peers.

Equally important, WPPI attendees were exposed to the latest and greatest products and services from the hundreds of exhibitors that participated in a three-day Expo (trade show), during which manufacturers and distributors displayed everything from cameras and lenses to lighting solutions and postproduction techniques, plus online- and print-presentation ideas.

“WPPI 2013 had something for everyone! With so many options and opportunities for learning, choosing which Platform, Master and Plus classes to take was challenging and exciting for our attendees,” said Jason Groupp, WPPI’s director. “It was awesome to witness the nonstop enthusiastic response from attendees who came eager to learn! Warm welcomes, hugs and friendly exchanges engulfed the MGM, which has been synonymous with WPPI’s culture. As we all know, learning in the classrooms is just part of the experience during WPPI. Whether grabbing a sandwich with a friend, a drink at Rouge or gathering in a small group around the pool, knowledge was shared and gained all day and all night! That’s why our attendees heart WPPI!”

On hand to teach WPPI attendees were some of the world’s finest photographers and photographic instructors, including Jay Maisel, Ben and Erin Chrism, Marcus Bell, Jennifer Rozenbaum, Zach and Jody Gray, Jerry Ghionis, Sue Bryce, Joe Buissink, Jasmine Star, Cliff Mauntner, Vanessa Joy and Rob Adams, Bambi Cantrell, Doug Gordon, Jeremy Cowart, Julieann Kost and Tamara Lackey.

Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI), a division of Nielsen Photo Group, is a professional organization that exists to help member photographers by providing them with exclusive information, programs and professional services to assist with their photographic artistry and business needs. wppionline.com