WPPI Launches Online Certification Program for Wedding & Portrait Photographers

WPPI Launches Online Certification Program for Wedding & Portrait Photographers


New York, NY—Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) inked a partnership with the New York Institute of Photography (NYIP) to form the first online certification program created specifically for wedding and portrait photographers.

The Wedding and Portrait Photographers International Certification (WPPIC) will be offered exclusively to all WPPI members. It aims to become the industry’s gold standard for setting a new level of professionalism that will guide the artistry and business practices for wedding and portrait photography.

Developed and curated by a handpicked team of renowned wedding photographers and educators, including Roberto Valenzuela, Luke Edmonson and Jason Groupp, WPPIC is an online training program, portfolio review and final exam created to verify a candidate’s proficiencies in the art and business of wedding and portrait photography.

Successful candidates will pass an online multiple-choice exam based upon the WPPIC curriculum and submit a portfolio of images and business materials for extensive review by a panel of experts. Upon approval by the panel, photographers will be granted official certification and will be able to promote their accreditation online and in print with the WPPIC official seal.

“WPPIC is the best way to start identifying yourself as a leader in your field. Certification shows you are dedicated to learning and expanding your craft, while meeting the high standards of your profession,” Luke Edmondson explained. “The confidence that certification instills in your clients, colleagues and most important yourself, is invaluable. What you learn through the intensive process is priceless!”

“While becoming certified isn’t easy, the rewards include the ability to stand out from the competition, elevate your standing in the photographic community and amongst your clients, and the self-confidence to challenge yourself and further refine your expertise,” added Jason Groupp, director, WPPI Education and Membership, and curator of WPPIC.

Groupp also explained that the program’s success is predicated on combining the right people with the best-accredited online photography school. “We chose New York Institute of Photography because they are nationally certified and will help us in handling all the logistics, from content to final exams. Over the last several months, we have evaluated and reevaluated the program’s syllabus to ensure it addresses the interests, needs and issues facing today’s professional wedding and portrait photographers,” Groupp said.

The certification program consists of two parts. The first is a general section that covers the fundamental “nuts and bolts” of photography, including shutter speeds/f-stops and their respective correlation, shooting modes (i.e., aperture priority, shutter priority), metering and depth of field, among other topics.

The second part is the Wedding and Portrait section, based on consultation with and feedback from WPPI Masters. Combined, these prominent photographers and educators provide in-depth sections on lighting and composition, advice on wedding day timelines, communication with clients, and a useful section on creating unique poses for unforgettable portraits.

The WPPIC certification program begins and ends at the candidate’s discretion but can be completed in as little as three months. There are no specific deadlines for course completion. The WPPIC course has a one-time registration fee of $299. Candidates wishing to apply for the WPPIC certification program can register at nyip.edu/courses/wppi-certification.

The New York Institute of Photography offers nine online photography courses. Founded in 1910, it is the oldest and largest photography school in the world. Located in the heart of New York City, NYIP brings high-quality photography education straight to its students’ doors. NYIP is owned and operated by Distance Education Co., LLC, which also operates the New York Institute of Art and Design.

Hosted by the WPPI, the WPPI Wedding and Portrait Photography Conference + Expo is the premier industry event for photographers and filmmakers, specializing in the creative and business aspects of wedding, portrait photography and filmmaking. Each year, over 13,000 professional photographers, imaging pros and filmmakers attend WPPI to learn new techniques from industry leaders, build new relationships to help grow their business, and experiment with new products from major manufacturers to improve productivity. The 2016 WPPI Conference + Expo will be held March 3–10, 2016 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. wppionline.com