Meero Discovery Launches to Inspiring Image Creators

Meero Discovery Launches to Inspiring Image Creators

 © Joakim Eskildsen

New York, NY—Meero launched Meero Discovery, a unique interactive space dedicated to photography. It aims  to inspire and support a community of more than 100,000 photographers globally.

The educational project is an extension of Meero’s global endeavors to offer inspirational, artistic as well as practical content for professional photographers. By creating a set of resources, Meero hopes to encourage the creativity of image creators.

Meero Discovery

Accessible on myMeero, Meero’s free suite of tools help photographers manage their workflow and grow as professionals. The new program offers a wide variety of content, master classes and also original courses. Members can build their technical excellence and artistic relevance in their projects. Meero-Discovery-graphicMeero Discovery’s flagship program is a series of documentaries highlighting the great photographers of our time. Moreover, it enables them to share their personal stories; their advice for photographers; and also their creative process.

In immersive episodes, they share an honest perspective of today’s photography industry; they also provide rare insights into an artist’s creative process. The documentaries Desperate Dreamer by Kourtney Roy  and Joakim Eskildsen’s Nothing Special, produced by director Martin Zarka, are now available.

Meero also partnered with the NOOR Foundation to offer free educational videos from NOOR photographers to creatives worldwide at Each video is 25 minutes long and shares with the general public insights into specific topics. They include artificial lighting, portraiture, street photography as well as architecture, among others. Meero-Logo Meero community

Also available on Discovery, Master Classes feature legends of photography who share their intimate thoughts. They present the highlights of their careers as well as give advice based on their years of experience.

Written interviews with photographers and industry professionals are also available, as are courses in the history of photography and inspiring podcasts.