Nikon and NYC Salt Partnership Renewed to Support Student Artists

Nikon and NYC Salt Partnership Renewed to Support Student Artists


Melville, NY—The Nikon and NYC Salt partnership was renewed. NYC Salt is an organization that creates opportunities in visual arts and pathways to college and careers for underserved New York City youth with diverse backgrounds.

Moreover, Nikon’s brand partnership with NYC Salt includes the continuation of the annual Emerging Talent Scholarship; a mentorship program; as well as increased access to the latest mirrorless Nikon cameras and lenses. NYC Salt students will use the Nikon gear to develop their photo and video content creation skills.

“In our long-standing relationship with NYC Salt, we have witnessed an abundance of talented visual artists emerge from the program and graduate to success in various professions,” said Jay Vannatter, executive vice president, Nikon Inc.

“We are proud to continue supporting this fantastic program as well as NYC Salt’s mission to help create opportunities for diverse and underrepresented voices and the next generation of creators.”

Nikon and NYC Salt Partnership & Scholarship

 Now in its third year, the NYC Salt/Nikon Emerging Talent Scholarship is once again offered to eligible students graduating from the NYC Salt program. The eligible students must plan on entering a visual-arts-related field of study.

Nikon-Z-30_w16-50DX_3.5-6.3_left-Nikon and NYC Salt Partnership & Scholarship
Nikon Z 30

Nikon awards the $10,000 scholarship annually. Subsequently, it helps to create a pathway for students to follow their dreams and pursue a career in the visual arts. A panel of prestigious judges will review a selection of the students’ work. They will judge the work on creativity and other merits. The judging panel will comprise Nikon Ambassadors, Pulitzer Prize winners and prominent commercial artists.

 “NYC Salt is an organization founded with the ethos to empower young minds to achieve their full creative potential; preparing them for a path to a professional career in all things visual,” said Alicia Hansen, founder and CEO, NYC Salt.

 “The latest mirrorless equipment and support from Nikon helps give our students the edge they will need as the industry and technology rapidly evolve.” Nikon-Z-logo

What’s more, Nikon will continue to support NYC Salt in other ways. These will include the expansion of a camera locker program. This program grants students access to the latest Nikon cameras and lenses.

The mirrorless system, including Z series cameras, will help advance their photography as well as videography skills. The partnership will put the imaging tools directly in the hands of the students to provide them with opportunities to tell their stories while also gaining valuable experience toward a visual arts career.

Nikon will also work directly with the program to offer in-person mentoring and instruction to students throughout the school year.