Nikon Z 7II and Z 6II Firmware 1.10 Adds Video Capabilities

Nikon Z 7II and Z 6II Firmware 1.10 Adds Video Capabilities


Melville, NY—Nikon Inc. announced that firmware version 1.10 for the Z 7II and Z 6II full-frame (Nikon FX format) mirrorless cameras was released on February 25. Moreover, the Z 6II firmware 1.10 adds support for 4K UHD/60p recording to the camera’s video options.

In addition, the firmware update increases the performance of EyeDetection AF technology on both the Z 7II and Z 6II. Consequently, the eyes of human subjects are detected even when the face of the subject is smaller in the frame, more so than with version 1.00. As a result, it enables smoother and more stable shooting.

Nikon Z 7II and Z 6II Firmware 1.10 Upgrades

The update will also support RAW video output to Blackmagic Design external recorders. It includes support for both the Z 7II and Z 6II full-frame mirrorless cameras. This allows for recording in the Blackmagic RAW format as well as Apple’s ProRes RAW format.

Z 6II firmware 1.10 Nikon-Z-6II_24-70_4-right
Nikon Z 6II

What’s more, firmware version 1.10 supports a variety of video-recording workflows. Nikon integrated this support in response to the advanced video production needs of professionals.

Furthermore, for ProRes RAW video recorded to the Ninja V external recorder manufactured by Atomos, compatibility with the ISO settings and color temperature controls added to Apple’s Final Cut Pro Version 10.4.9 and later are now supported. Subsequently, the updated firmware version expands videoediting options when using Final Cut Pro.

The update also considers consumers who already purchased the RAW video output upgrade for their cameras. Now, updating to firmware 1.10 automatically adds support for Blackmagic Design external video recorders.